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Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 60 Review and Swatches

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 60 Review and Swatches
Hello Beauties,
Today I am going to review a gorgeous plum pink shade lipstick from Inglot. Inglot is my favourite makeup brand and I am addicted to their beautiful lipstick and eye shadow collections. I have more than five lipstick refills and eye shadows from their collection. Actually I bought this shade by thinking it is a pink and had a doubt that whether this shade will suits me or not. Guess what!!!  Yes, I love this shade very much more than other shade. Let’s see the review in detail…

About the Product:
Best daily wear pink lipsticks
Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 60 Review and Swatches
Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 60
Price 300 RS and it was 250
Shelf life ???
Available only at Inglot Stores and online shopping website

Product Description:
They never mention product description in their package.

They never mention ingredients in their package. I really want to know Inglot lipstick's Ingredient details, if anybody knows please do let me know...

My Experience with Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 60:

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refills comes in a round or square shape open package which needs a refill storage palate to store them safely. But, you can make a DIY palate to store the lipstick refills, also they provide a thin plastic cover with the refill. I never find difficult to carry this refills with me. I have a DIY and original Inglot custom palate with me.

The shade:

It is a beautiful shade and I am sure this plum pink will suits for almost all Indian skin tones. This is my favourite HG pink shade. This pink shade changed my mind to love pink shades in everything. I never thought that a pink shade can make the makeup look totally gorgeous for a dusky skin girl like me. This shade is very suitable for medium and dusky skin beauties. It is a beautiful plum pink that can makes dark thin lips plump and pink.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 60 has awesome pigmentation that can easily hide the lips pigmentation totally. Just a swipe of this lipstick is enough, it can be used for daily use as well as for party wear. It will make your gorgeous and shiny.

Pink lipsticks
Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 60 Review and Swatches
This lipstick stays for long time like 5 to 6 hours with eating and drinking. I have applied this lipstick for a wedding function and even after the wedding feast the lipstick stays same on my lips. Also it moisturise the lips very well and never settles on lips fine lines. I really feel wonder about Inglot lipstick’s amazing pigmentation and staying power. Totally it is a best affordable pink lipstick for daily use.

My Likes with Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 60:
  1. Beautiful plum pink that suits for all skin tones.
  2. The best pink shade that can compliments dusky beauties.
  3. Affordable and travel friendly.
  4. Doesn’t bleeds and transfers badly.
  5. Stays for 6 hours.
  6. Doesn’t dry the lips and hydrates the lips well.
  7. Great pigmentation.
  8. Best for daily use.
  9. Smooth and creamy texture
  10. Paraben Free Lipstick.
My Dislikes with Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 60:
  1. Available only through their Inglot stores or their online shop.
  2. You must need a lip brush to apply this lipstick.
Final verdict:
Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 60 is a beautiful plum pink shade which is suitable for all skin tones with amazing staying power and pigmentation. You can wear it for daily use. The pink that is very suitable for dusky skin beauties. I am sure you will love this shade.

MAC Lipstick Dupe Alert:
Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 60 is the exact dupe for MAC Twig and Mehr lipstick shades... 

I hope My Review will be useful for you all…
Thanks for Reading…
With Love Radha…


  1. I have never tried Inglot lip colours yet, I prefer their eye shadows :) Nice review :)

  2. vow.. pretty shade Rads.. Lovely LOTD ♥♥

  3. looking pretty on your lips dear. perfect shade for Indian skin tone.

  4. I like this shade, looks very pretty on u... :)

  5. Looks pretty on you :) Nice everyday wear shade...

  6. That's a pretty shade! Nicely reviewed :)

  7. Thats a nice shade dear...I have only tried Inglot Lip to try their lipsticks

  8. I've never tried inglot lipsticks! They're on my list :D Looks lovely!


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