Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lancôme Launches UV Expert XL Shield Press Release

To extend the benefit of DreamTone with a dream complexion and protect the skin tone, UV EXPERT, number one UV brand in Asia*, proposes a new standard in UV Protection, the new face of expert protection. For the very first time Lancôme’s XL-Shield™ protects skin against XL UVA rays.

Long UVA rays, also called XL UVA, which penetrate more deeply than short UVA and UVB rays, are more harmful to the skin and affect it in three areas in the long term:- Colour: they cause melanin to turn grey. Day after day, skin becomes dull and lacklustre and sun-induced age spots appear.

- Functional: they lead to cell dysfunction. The defences become weaker and the skin dries out.
- Structural: they impair the quality of the skin. Its elasticity declines, wrinkles form and redness appears.
* Beauty research, Asia 5 markets Consolidation (Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong) – Fragrances and Cosmetics Selective Distribution – Full Year report for calendar year 2012 shows that Lancôme has been ranked 1st

In its search for ever more effective sun and pollution protection solutions, UV Expert XL-Shield™ is targeting its action at the frontier of long UVA rays for a more luminous and even tan. The skin is protected, including against long UVA rays, defends itself better. The skin’s youthfulness is visibly preserved.

A beautiful skin needs to be protected and preserved. The new XL-Shield™ technology has an anti- greyness and anti-dullness action to protect the skin tone and create a wonderful nude effect.A powerfulshield designed to stimulate the creation of a beautiful skin tone in many circumstance, flawless and notably uniform. With a deeper penetration into the skin,long UVA rays are more harmful to the skin. UV Expert XL-Shield™is targeting its action at the frontier of long UVA rays and can also boast abouta new
combination of UV filtersfor12 hours of UVB solar protection. The skin is protected against UV rays, including long UVA rays, and defends itself better.An advanced technology, an XL protection.

To enhance and reveal all the radiance of Asian skin, UV Expert XL-Shield™ also combines actives to prevent against external aggressions and internal damages.Enriched with apollu-safe complex known for its anti pollution properties and other actives famous for its anti ageing benefits.

The expert formula of UV Expert XL-Shield™ associates anoptimalalliance of ever advancing protection and a very pleasant texture,as light as one rose petal.Skin stays shielded and radiant, this sensational extract brings out a nuderosy skinall day long. Genuine to Lancôme’s texture cult, the formula provides a sensation of intensecomfort and is approved by 100% women. It creates a fantastic nude effect. Packaged inmodern and femininetube, UV Expert XL-Shield™ is easy to adopt by means of its practical service cap. The touch of ruby color reminds of DreamTone, emphasize a conspicuous feminine universe.

UV Expert XL-Shield™gathers 100% of women’s approval, they find find their complexion more uniform and less dull, their skin look fairer, visibly younger and healthy, the skin tone seems natural. The product is well appreciated for its anti-ageing properties and benefits for a beautiful skin, the wrinkles and fine line seem less visible, and the blemishes seem softened1 The textureof UV Expert XL-Shield™ is 100% approved by women, they find it comfortable, rich and protective.

1 Self-assessments – 42 women - 1 to 4 weeks.
2 Self-assessments – 41 women - 1 to 4 weeks.

Luminous, radiant, resplendently natural… Fresh and young actress Lily Collins, new face of Lancôme, marvellously embodies the new UV Expert XL-Shield™ under the lense of Sølve Sundsbø.

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  1. Lancome skincare products are amazing...this is definitely on my wishlist


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