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Maybelline Baby Lips Color Pink Peony SPF 16 Review, Swatches and LOTD

Maybelline Baby Lips Color Pink Peony SPF 16 Review, Swatches and LOTD
Hello Beauties,
All of us will have our favourite lip balm in our handbag or purse always, I am not an exceptional and I have more than one lip balm in my handbag always. I am a lip balm junkie and always collect all kind of lip balms to try. Lip balm helps us to keep our lips hydrated and shiny, well Maybelline says only hydrating and shiny thing are not enough for your lips, you need sun protection for your lips too. So, they launched awesome lip balms which can hydrate, makes the lips shine and at the same time it can protect our lips from sun by SPF in it. I got Maybelline Baby Lips Color Pink Peony SPF 16 for review, let us see the review in detail…

About the Protect:
Best lip balms with spf
Maybelline Baby Lips Color Pink Peony SPF 16 Review, Swatches and LOTD
Maybelline Baby Lips Color Pink Peony SPF 16
Price  150 Rs for 4.5 g
Shelf life  36 months
Available at all offline beauty stores and buy online also.
Available in 3 different shades

Product Description:


My Experience with Maybelline Baby Lips Color Pink Peony SPF 16:
Maybelline Baby Lips Color Pink Peony SPF 16 comes in a beautiful pink lip balm package and it is cute tiny lip balm that you can carry it even in your small purse also, so it is travel friendly.

Colour & Smell:

The colour is pretty pink and smells nice. The Barbie pink colour looks very attractive and it gives a beautiful pink tint for your lips.

My Take:
I am a big fan for tinted lip balms and this pink peony lip balm looks very natural on my lips. The pink colour may look dull on pigmented lips. They said it is bright colour and for my medium skin tone it looks normal pink, I hope this pink will look bright on fair skin beauties. This lip balm hydrates my lips very well and keeps them moisturized always. This lip balm helps in recovering chapped lips very well.
It stays more than 3 hours on my lips after drinking water etc. The pink tint fades away within two hours, but the shiny lips stays for more than 2 hours. The 6 hours staying power claim is failed on my lips. The good thing in this lip balm is it has spf 16 which is a great shied for our lips when we go out. Because the sun can tan our lips too. So, they need spf protection while going out and it is easy to reapply this lip balm then reapplying sunscreen on the face… isn’t? This is an awesome tinted lip balm from Maybelline that every girl should own at least one from this collection.

This is how it looks on My lips:

My Likes with Maybelline Baby Lips Color Pink Peony SPF 16:
  1. Affordable and easily available.
  2. Pretty and travel friendly package.
  3. Nice smell and pretty pink.
  4. Looks very natural on your lips.
  5. Available in 3 shades.
  6. Has SPF 16.
  7. Moisturize and hydrates the lips well.
  8. Stays on the lips for good time.

I dont have any dislikes with Maybelline Baby Lips Color Pink Peony SPF 16 , Actually everyone can use it, it is an awesome product, but those who have very pigmented lips cannot expect the pink tint on their lips.

Final Summary:
Maybelline Baby Lips Color Pink Peony SPF 16 is a must have lip balm for every girl in this summer to protect their lips from Sun.

Hope My Review will be helpful for you…
Thanks for Reading and please so share our comments…
With Love Radha…

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  1. What a nice shade! I love lip balms so I'm sure I would like this a lot.

  2. This looks like yet another wonderful product from Maybelline :)

  3. I have almost exhausted all my lip balms...guess time to get des bubbly cuties

  4. Looks yum yum...great review rads.
    I also love it...:*

  5. Lovely and only wish we can get it over here.

  6. The shade is so lovely. I love baby lips :* ♡

  7. I love baby lips.. wanna try this one.. lovely review Rads ♥♥

  8. Big fan of baby lips, though I have only used the non tinted ones till now. This looks good too :)

  9. This is a lovely lip balm Radha and I have this color too. Nice pics and great review :)

  10. I love maybelline baby lip balm...nice review radha

  11. I always have loved the Maybelline Baby Lip balms...they are the best!
    I am gonna try these new versions too but maybe in the other shade...Lovely Review Rads! :)

  12. This seems to be soooo yummmm!


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