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Lakme 9to5 Eye Color Quartet Review : Swatches and EOTD

Lakme 9to5 Eye Color Quartet Review : Swatches and EOTD
Review by Kanika
Hello Everyone! 
I hope you all doing great! Today I am going to review and swatch LAKME 9-5 Eye Color Quartet eye shadow palette. This range of eye shadow palettes are available in many shades, but I am going to talk about
the one in SILK ROUTE. This palette contains two dark shades and two light shades. Well! I am just loving all the shades, as you can wear them on any occasion. So what are we waiting for? Lets have a look at the palette .

As far as this product is concerned, I bought this product from the near by local market. At first, I thought that the price is high according to me but, when I saw the shades of this palette, there was only one choice left with me and that was, 'Just buy it girl!', and then I had to.

About the Product: 
Best eyeshadows for makeup
Lakme 9to5 Eye Color Quartet Review : Swatches and EOTD
Lakme 9to5 Eye Color Quartet
QUANTITY: 7 grams
PRICE: INR-Rs. 500 ($8.3)
Product Description:


My Experience with Lakme 9to5 Eye Color Quartet:
The palette is been packed inside a case made of thin cardboard which is been designed beautifully with the logo and other necessary details about the product. The eye shadows are been protectively kept inside another case. You can see the shades clearly as the opening and closing of the palette is been made of plastic glass.
As you can see in the above and below, this is an eye shadow palette which contains four very vibrant shades. It includes light and dark shades both so that you can play with the colors. Well! I love playing with such beautiful and pretty colors. These shades are very pop and also as the range says '9-5', it stays very well for at least 8 hours. The texture of the product is very sleek and smooth. And including the eye applicator, it won't hurt your sensitive and beautiful eyes. ^_^

The Eye Applicator: 
I must say this applicator is really smooth. It won't hurt your eyes while applying the eye shadow and perform its job perfectly. So! Nice job Mr. Eye Applicator.

How to Use:
• Apply your eye primer.
• Use the dark only to line your upper eyelid, in a fairly thin line along the upper lashes.
• Use the medium shade for the creases.
• Use the lightest shade for the area under the eyebrow.

Well, you can play with the colors as you want to. Its your creativity and of course when youcarry your style, it can't go wrong! Right girls?

How to Remove:
• Take a cotton pad soaked in any makeup remover.
• For your entire face clean up and remove the extra dirt, wash your face with any face wash.
• Apply your regular cream and done.

And now as I always say, my favorite part is here. YES!!!! The swatches, Lets have a look at the pictures. This time I made a collage for all the four shades where I have the swatches on my fingers and my eyes. Lets start!

1. This shade is a light shimmery pink which is perfect for everyday makeup. You can wear this shade in your office, occasion and perfect for those who love light and neutral shades.
2. I am in love with this shade. Its a pretty, pop and super sexy purple with a tint of glitter in it. Its perfect for party makeup. So girls, get on with your party shoes!
3. This shade is a pretty dark green with a tint of shimmer in it. Its kind of a peacock color which is perfect for traditional makeup. I think this would look perfect on Indian skin tones. I am loving it.
4. And here is another light shade yet very attractive. Its a pretty shimmery golden shade. This shade will look extremely pretty on you if there are any occasions at your home or perfect for wedding season as well.

Pros of Lakme 9to5 Eye Color Quartet:
• The texture is smooth and velvety.
• Gives a nice coverage to your eyes.
• Perfect for all occasions.
• Perfect for Indian skin tones.
• Long lasting and sets for 8 hours.

Cons of Lakme 9to5 Eye Color Quartet:
• The price is little high.
• The shade will look better if you apply an eye primer.


Final Verdict: 
According to me, the shades are very pretty. The best part is it includes both light and dark shades. Also its perfect for Indian skin tones plus for all occasions you have one color, be it party or traditional functions, the palette has color for all. It is great buy for business women and for office going ladies as it will last for longer number of hours. A great buy for every beautiful lady like you. The only problem is with the price, its little high!

Do share your take on this palette from 9-5 range.
Have you tried any of the palettes from this range?
If yes, did you liked it? If not, will you give it a try?

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day.


About the Writer:
I am a girl just like you. I have a creative nature and love experimenting with creativity. I love doing and shooting nail art and makeup video tutorials. Apart from this corner, I love to write beauty blogs, poems and short stories. I am fair in color with short black hairs. My motto for life: Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful.

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