Sunday, April 13, 2014

Inglot Haul and Shopping Experience

Inglot Haul and Shopping Experience
Hello Beauties,
Happy Sunday to you all, Inglot is my favourite brand and I have shopped with them last year already in my city's Inglot store. Here in Chennai we have an Inglot store at Express Avenue mall. I came to know about this store through my fellow bloggers. I love their lipsticks and eyeshadows very much. They are pretty affordable and very pigmented too. The lipstick and eye shadow shades can dupe some high end brand's products. I have got a gift voucher for Inglot from my hubby. He is very kind to choose this store for getting gift voucher for me to shop.
Inglot makeup products
Inglot Haul and Shopping Experience 

My Shopping Experience:
When I went to the Inglot store for the first I didn't have much problem, because I went with my fellow bloggers and I bought few lipstick refills and eyeshadow. I wanted to shop with them again and after getting this gift voucher I went to the Inglot store one day and asked for lipstick refills. The store MUA told me that without palate you can't get refills. I got disappointed because buying a palate will go beyond my budget. So, I came back and asked other friends about this.
They told they got refills without palate, I was like what? then why I can't. Later I have decided to get a palate for myself to purchase lipstick refills and did. I got a palate from a fellow blogger. Then recently I went to the EA mall and done the Inglot purchase finally.
I got two lipstick refills, one concealer refill and an eyeshadow refill. When I was searching for a good shades to choose, the male MUA in that store helped me to find a good shade. I planned to get some pink shades from Inglot lipsticks. I have chosen Inglot lipstick refills no 47&77 finally. It is sad that they have hiked their refills price. I bought same pink like shade eyeshadow Refill no 450, don't know this time why I got Pink maniac.

Thank God I have selected some good shades and I am loving all this lipsticks and eyeshadow, I am yet to try this concealer. I hope the concealer would helps me to hide my minor imperfections at least.

When I was choosing Concealer, the MUA swatched a concealer on my hand to try which is three shade darker than my skin tone. Later I myself chosen a shade and asked him to apply on my under eyes, he did. I have checked the shade matching in the mirror and got satisfied finally. Ok, that's all girls finally I bought few things from Inglot as per my wish. Thank God when I was shopping with them no one was in the store, I mean for shopping. Sorry for the boring story.

And yeah apart from gift voucher I had to spend 500 bucks etc from my savings...  :'(
Hope you liked my Ingot Stuffs...
Happy Sunday again...
With Love Radha...

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