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Dry Skin Reasons and Remedies

Dry Skin Reasons and Remedies
Hello Beauties,
Sunday is skin pampering day, so most of us use to do pamper our skin and hair in home. I am not an exceptional person and I love pampering my skin in Sundays. There are few basic beauty tips to note and we use ignore those points totally and suffers a lot. If we concentrate on those simple things and our skin will be flawless always. We can avoid such dryness, oiliness problems easily. Let me sum up those points here...

1. Are you suffering by Skin Dryness?
Dry skin problem is so annoying, it is itchy and some times skin peels off during winter. Dry skin looks lifeless and most of the people thinks dry skin caused by lack of moisture power in the skin. Yes, it is true but it is not the only reason for dry skin. No, there are so many other internal factors too for the dry skin. They are
Your wrong diet which is lack of oil and insufficient blood circulation
Beauty tips for winter
Dry Skin Reasons and Remedies
Anemic and your wrong diet which is lack of oil both are related to your day to day life. You should take care of your diet well and eat well which is rich in iron and essential oils. Girls are ignoring such foods in the name of diet control, in reverse you are getting so many problems including dry skin. When you are getting older the blood circulation of the skin getting slow and in reverse the skin is getting dry and lifeless. So, regular oil massage will help for matured dry skin. Other than CTM (cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) keep these things in your mind to have a glow skin.

The another reason for skin dryness, again your diet, you may have habit of taking more amount of tamarind in your food, if so you need to reduce or avoid tamarind in your food.
For anemic problem try to eat raw tomato and dates daily, then soon your skin starts glow easily. Also apply tomato juice on your face to remove the sun tan easily. If you have oily skin apply tomato directly, if you have dry skin apply tomato by mixing with curd. Potato also helps to remove skin tan effectively. Those who have no allergic with lemon they can use lemon juice to remove their sun tan easily.

One more Reason for skin dryness is staying all the time in AC rooms. obviously AC sucks your skin's moisture easily if you stay long time. So, avoid staying in Ac rooms long time and if you have to apply enough moisturizing cream often to retain the moisture on your skin.
Adding black salt and fresh green leafy vegetables in your diet helps your skin to glow all the time naturally. So concentrate in small things is better than splurging thousands of bucks in body butters. This things makes big changes in your beauty regime as well as in your life style.

Hope this post will be helpful...
Thanks for reading...
With Love Radha...

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