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Summer Skin care and Beauty Tips

Summer Skin care and Beauty Tips
Hello Beauties,
Summer has arrived already to ruin our skin and makeup totally. Here in my place Chennai it is hot like anything and my oily skin becoming worse with few breakouts on the way. During summer beauty care is always a challenge for us. We will have so many problems like Prickly heat, Tanning, Big acne, sweating, rashes, heat burn(which I will have often) and so many skin problems all over the body on the line to face. Also long stay makeup is a big challenge because of summer sweating and oily skin problem. So, I am going to share Beauty tips and skin care during summer, let us see...

Skin Care and Beauty Tips for Summer:
1. Don't use Heavy Makeup:
How to take care of your skin in summer
Summer Skin care and Beauty Tips
During summer even dry skin beauties will get combination skin, then what about oily skin beauties, no need to tell about their problems during summer. Long lasting makeup will be a dream for girls during summer when you are going out. your face sweating glads will be very active and the sweat can collapse the whole makeup. So, use a wet wipes or tissues which are available in various brands in variety of flavors. They can help you to freshen up your makeup. So, if you wear heavy makeup it will be hard to wipe it and freshen up, if your makeup is light it is very easy to retouch anywhere.

2. Eat a lot of Fresh Fruits:
We have already shared a post about "Summer Fruits" last year. God gifted us already water rich fruits for summer to eat. They are cucumber, watermelon, Grapes, Oranges, Lychee fruit and ripe Mangoes. All these fruits contains major part of water content. They can deliver you minerals with water and helps balancing water level in your body. Never ever go for artificial tetra pack juices often. They are not useful and in reverse may be harm for our health, also costly too.

3. Never Miss Sunscreen:
I would say to apply the sunscreen even when you are stay in indoors. Yes Sun rays can comes through out windows and doors, so use a 15 Spf or 20 Spf sunscreen lotion or cream when you stay at home. When you are stepping out you must wear 40 to 50 spf sunscreen to protect your skin from heat burn and tanning. Because sun rays will be very harmful for our skin during summer. The sunscreen will protect us up to some extent. Still I will say don't stay long time in the outer during afternoons, this will help us to avoid tanning and heat rashes.

4. Cover Your Hair:
For skin we are using sunscreen to avoid problem through sun when we are going out. For hair we need to cover them by a scarf or by umbrella to protect it from harmful sun rays. Hair can easily get damaged by sun and our scalp too. It will become sweaty, greasy and dandruff will be on the way because sweat and oil can block the scalp pores. To avoid such problems cover your hair properly and stylishly by a scarp.

5. Drink a lot of Water:
The first thing when it comes summer is sweating. Sweating is a big problem and we will loss a of of water and minerals through our sweating during summer. So, we need more water intake to rectify the problem and balance the water level for our skin and body system. Also our skin needs water more in the summer to keep the skin texture soft and supple. Otherwise it will become dry and dark without proper water balance. So, drinking 3 to 4 liters water daily will keep your skin beautiful and free from toxins, also saves you from summer's heat attack.

So, this is just a few tips girls, stay tuned with us to know more...
Hope you liked the tips...
With Love Radha...

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