Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SoapOpera.co.in Beauty Soaps an Intro

SoapOpera.co.in Beauty Soaps an Intro
Hello Beauties,
We all love bathing with aroma, today I am sharing with you all about an interesting aromatic Soaps from SoapOpera.co.in. Generally soaps are made up off SLS and SLES which leads our skin to dry out very much and our skin will loose it's natural softness. But, Soapopera comes with an wide range of aromatic soaps which are not only makes your bathing experience equal to spa, also makes your skin soft and supple. They have spice and floral varieties in their soaps. Also Glycerin designer soaps and glycerin exfoliating soaps. They have shampoo, body wash, body mist and sleep inducer. let us see about their products in detail...
Herbal handmade soaps
SoapOpera.co.in Beauty Soaps an Intro 

About Sopa Opera:
Non Toxic:
Sopa Opera products are free of toxins and completely safe for use. They are not tested on animals and do not include animal derived ingredients.
Sulphate Free:
Sulphates are chemicals used to create lather. These harsh on skin and can cause skin and eye irritation.
Non Carcinogenic:
Carcinogen is a property of chemicals that can lead to cancer. Our products do not contain chemicals with active carcinogens.
Paraben Free:
Paraben are preservatives that are reputed to be carcinogenic(cancer causing ). Prolonged exposure can cause irritation, cough, headache and nausea. Harmful for babies and lactating mothers.

What I have from Soap Opera?
I have nine varieties of their soaps from floral and spice varieties, also the sleeping inducer for review sent by PR. I have already started using them and I am really loving them a lot. I will share the detailed review of the soaps and the sleeping inducer by next posts soon, so stay tuned beauties...

One more interesting thing from Soap Opera is they have beautiful gift hampers and soaps in different funniest shapes which I have noticed on their website which makes us to droll and droll again.

Hope you liked this intro post,
Have you used Soap Opera Soaps already???
With Love Radha...

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