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How To Prepare Herbal Hair Oil in Home DIY

How To Prepare Herbal Hair Oil in Home - DIY
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Today we are going to learn How To Prepare Herbal Hair Oil in Home, do it yourself method. Madhu owner of "Harini Herbals" shared this method with us. Now a days we are facing so much hair related issues like hair fall, dandruff, premature grey hair and so many. Madhu is telling us that this herbal hair oil will solve all hair problem by regular use. Let us see her pictorial and explanation on this Herbal Hair Oil preparation.
Hair oil for hair fall remedy
How To Prepare Herbal Hair Oil in Home DIY 

How To Prepare Herbal Hair Oil in Home DIY 
Things you will need to Prepare:
Curry Leaves, Methi Leaves, Karisalaangkanni, Vettiver, Hibiscus Leaves, Mint, Neem, Amls, Brahmi, Dry rose petals, Coconut oil, castor oil, gingelly oil and much more secret herbs added in this herbal hair oil. Clean all the green leaves given above with water. Wash it in plain water for twice and dry them under sunshade carefully.

Don’t let them dry in the sunlight. otherwise the original essence of the curry leaves will be destroyed by over exposure of sunlight.

Preparation Method:
Grind all the leaves together in a mixer grinder. Now you get the curry leaves as paste form which is easy to mix with coconut oil. Now mix Coconut oil, castor oil & gingelly oil together in a deep pan. Now heat the whole mixture in a low flame, once you the smell of the oil coming out add the grinded paste along with rose petals. Keep the flame small to make the oil to boil slowly. Once they starts bubbles, turn off the stove. Now allow the oil to cool completely.

Transfer this mixture of oil in a Dark glass container and leave it for 25 to 30 days in a dark place. After 30 days filter the oil using a cheese cloth or muslin cloth. Now you can use it regularly for your hair growth. This oil Controls hair fall and prevents premature grey hair. If you find difficult to handle glass container you can transfer the oil from glass container to a plastic bottle for your daily use.

This is the best method to treat your all hair problems naturally. I am sure you will love this method of preparation and this curry leave oil. You can get the perfect curry leave oil by adding right proportions of the ingredients. This is the best method for premature grey hair problem. Taking curry leaves regularly with your food also helps a lot.

Apply this oil weekly twice or thrice and before your head bath. Take enough amount of oil and slowly massage it on your scalp and hair. Now leave it for one hour and then wash it off by a mild herbal shampoo. By regular use you can get a soft, smooth and silky hair, it will make your hair thick, long and black.

Net weight: 100 ml
Cost Rs:280/-
You can buy this Herbal Hair oil from Harini Herbal's Online Shopping website

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  1. why to take stress for hair growth? One of the best oil i.e castor oil for hair which is 100% organic and best part about this oil is that it is free of preservation and other chemicals


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