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Best Pink Lipsticks at Affordable Price

Best Pink Lipsticks at Affordable Price
Compiled By Karishma
Hi Girls, 
I’m back with my forth post on Indian Beauty Zone. By now you must have figured it out that I love PINK - especially pink lipsticks. Every time I go out shopping I’m always on the lookout for a shade of pink lipstick. So now, this post is going to be dedicated to the best pink lipsticks that every girl must have in her vanity kit

Enough of my blabbering here is the list:
  1. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Nutrishine Lipstick
  2. MUA Lipstick – Shade #3
  3. Chamber Powder Matte Rose Fresque
  4. Avon Simply Pretty Lipstick
  5. Elf – Sociable
  6. Inglot Freedom System refill – shade #83
  7. Lakme 9 to 5 – Rasphberry Badge
Best pink lipsticks
Best Pink Lipsticks at Affordable Price

Now in Detail:
1. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Nutrishine Lipstick
Vivid Rose: This shade is a beautiful rose pink colour with a touch of neon in it. A shade which can be easily worn for a date or special occasions. A creamy lipstick with a nice glossy finish to it. Moisturizes and hydrates the lips.
Price Rs 825

2. MUA Lipstick Shade #3:
A bold blue toned pink with glitter particles. The texture is light, creamy and moisturizing. It gives full coverage even on pigmented lips. It stays on for around 4 hours and leaves a nice tint after fading.
Price 1 Pound

3. Chamber Powder MatteRose Fresque: This shade is a rosy pink with mauve undertones. This is one shade which can be worn at any time of the day and will suit almost all skin tones. Amazing pigmentation!
Price 450 Rs

 4. Avon Simply Pretty Lipstick True Rose: True Rose is a mauve pink shade with tiny shimmer particles. It is very creamy and moisturizing. Pigmentation can be achieved with 2 – 3 swipes. Will easily suit all skin tones. A must have for the price. (Rs.169 for 4g)

5. Inglot Freedom System refill – shade #83:
A hot pink shade which will definitely make heads turn. It instantly brightens up the face. Highly pigmented and very creamy. Can be easily applied with the help of a lip brush. It stays on easily for 5 hours with snacking in between.
Price 300 Rs

 6. Elf – Sociable: A bright berry pink which will make your heart skip a beat. Great coverage on pigmented lips. Lasts really really long in comparison to other lipsticks.
Price 1Pound

7. Lakme 9 to 5 – Rasphberry Badge:
This one is a deep rasphberry pink. This lipstick has fine shimmers but they are visible on close inspection. This colour will easily suit all skin tones. The lipstick is very smooth and creamy. Gives a lovely matte finish. Pigmentation is also pretty good. Stays on for about 5 hours which is decent.
Price 400 Rs

 Hope you girls liked my mini reviews of the best pink lipsticks every girl must have. I would suggest you pick all of these shades as they will really suit the Indian skin tone.

About the Writer:
"Hi everyone, my name is Karishma and I'm from Mumbai. Currently I'm in Pune pursuing my MBA. I have a wheatish complexion with normal to oily skin. I've got straight black hair. I've always loved cosmetics since i was 5 and now i'm a lipstick hoarder."

Hope you all liked my Review...
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