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Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant Review

Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant Review
Hello Friends,
I love collecting various body sprays and deodorants from my school days. I have always 3 to 4 body sprays in my stash. My favourite brands are Dove, Eva, Nivea, Spinz, Nike etc. I love fresh fragrances like lemon, orange and in flowers Lavender and rose are my favourites. This Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant one such kind of body spray, let's see the Review in detail...

About The Product:
Body sprays for summer
Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant Review
Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant
Price 175 Rs for 200 ml(50ml free)
30 months shelf life
Availability: Available in all offline stores and buy online at,

Product Description:


My Experience with Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant:
The Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant comes in a long white metal cylindrical package. It is travel though it is long one, you can carry it in your handbag.

My Take:
I love this body spray for its fresh fragrance and I couldn't predict it is particular flower or fruity smell. The last longs for hours and I have used it on my skin directly but there is no allergic reactions, hence they mentioned it is democratically tested one. It controls sweat up to some extent, but still it controls the sweating odor well. Though the smell is mild it lingers around you for some time. I bought this long time back and still I left 1/4 of this body spray unused. That is because I use to get bored often by using same products for long time, it applies for all skin care and makeup products.
This body spray claims 48h fresh feeling which is height of false claim. I never came across any body spray keeps us 48h fresh without body odor and this is not a special one, but it keeps the body odor at bay for long time not 48 hours. Overall it is a decent product and best for summer use who sweats more like me.

In my experience men's body spray stays long more than women's one. When I use to wash my hubby's shirt I can smell his body spray's smell always after one day. But this never happens with my dresses.

Generally I love Nivea body sprays for their long stay power and great fragrance. They are best buy for their quality and affordable price tag.

My Likes with Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant:
  • It is easily Available.
  • For the quantity provided it is affordable.
  • It has Mild and pleasant fragrance.
  • It gives you fresh feeling for long time.
  • This body spray controls sweat up to some extent.
  • The fragrance last longs for hours.
My Dislikes with Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant:
  • 48 hours fresh feeling is not true.
  • The fragrance is not feminine.
Final Verdict:
Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant is decent body spray that controls sweat and last longs for hours. I love to try their other flavours, Do try this body spray if you are a fresh fragrance lover...

Have you tried any Nivea Body spray, What is your favourite Body spray?
Hope you liked this Review...
With Love Radha

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