Friday, February 21, 2014

New Launch from Lancom-DreamTone-A beautiful skin naturally

DreamTone: Dream-like skin tone 

Combining cutting-edge research and brand studies of women and their skincare requirements, Lancôme now launches a new skincare ritual. Containing proprietary technology, the finely crafted Triple Action Technology is tailored to three different pigmentation profiles and meets women’s wished, needs and concerns in the quest for beauty perfection.
Triple Action Technology, all-round bespoke skin care “A truly beautiful complexion is without marks or blemishes, is perfectly even, and radiates health. It is completely free from imperfections, and this type of skin is one that women are happy to show make-up free. Radiant, perfect skin says something about who we are and serves as a message to the outside world. It is a direct reflection of our inner well-being and balance - and brings confidence to our everyday lives. For all these reasons, skin quality is something important for almost all women, of all ages, of all skin types, all over the world. The options to achieve perfect skin are many. Anti spots or anti-redness skincare, brightening skincare, BB creams, CC creams, foundations... Products that hover between skincare and makeup, that enhance the skin with a beautifully natural result, but with the very real drawback that the result is rarely complete and most of the time fleeting.

Staying ahead of the curve regarding women’s expectations in beauty is important for us, and, with this in mind, now once again, Lancôme creates the opportunity for a departure in the habits and beauty rituals of women all over the world. A unique and comprehensive response to the universal desire for beautiful skin, an everyday treatment creating a skin finish that is natural and that really lasts: we’ve called it DreamTone. Based on important scientific discoveries on pigmentation made by our research teams, and deployed in 3-page turning formulas, the exclusive Triple Action Technology in DreamTone provides the answer to the desire for beautiful skin.

It’s the first bespoke, all-round, pigment corrector that acts on both dark spots, the lack of uniformity and colour irregularities, on the three great pigmentation profiles identified by the occidental world. Attributed with nine patents, DreamTone’s 3 exclusive formulas show previously unrecorded levels of performance, metamorphosing the skin, revealing its natural beauty and developing a quality to the skin that women hitherto had only dreamed of. With DreamTone, Lancôme opens up a new era in cosmetics: the skin of dreams, naturally, without make-up."

This unique, all-round correction technology, Triple Action Technology, comes in three made-to-
measure formulas. The goal: to meet the specific needs of these three different pigment profiles. Dark spots, unevenness and irregularities in specific skin tones. It treats all skin tone deficiencies of the complexion. Its power lies in an incredible formulation that combines a unique core of shared active ingredients with specific actives for each pigmentation profile. This biological approach is augmented by sophisticated optical agents, adapted to each of the three profiles which beautify the skin and deliver an improved complexion immediately.

The skin-beauty ritual For optimal lasting dreamed skin tone apply Dreamtone in the morning and in the evening, daily, after Advanced Genifique serum. Spread from the center of the face outwards, without warming or massaging, it is instantly absorbed.If the skin requires more nourishment or care, apply your regular cream after Dreamtone.The communication This Lancôme photography presents a universal femininity: radiant, sensual, confident. Three women, each representing a complementary beauty: Jasmine the Afro-American, Hilda the Brazilian, Anaïs the Canadian. Shot under the expert eye of Mario Testino, they reveal skin that alone is enough to carry their beauty. Scientific power, harnessed to a universal dream, a precious moment infused with magic, Lancôme shares a new femininity, like a quietly confident aura of beauty without make-up.

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