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Lass Naturals Anti-Aging Cream Review

Lass Naturals Anti-Aging Cream Review
Hello Beauties,
I am in the mission of finishing all pending Reviews now. Lot of pending reviews on skin and hair care products which I have used for a year. Yes, there are some dud and some good products on the line to be reviewed. This Lass Naturals Anti-Aging Cream I have received for review long time back and finished it also. I have started using Anti-aging products recently and added them in my day and night cream regime. Let us see the Review about this product in details...

About the Product:
Anti-aging creams and remedies
Lass Naturals Anti-Aging Cream Review
Lass Naturals Anti-Aging Cream
Price 215 Rs for 50 gms
Shelf life 3 years
Availability: Available in their Outlets in some Major cities but not in Chennai I think. also buy online at, and in their online website

Product Description:


My Experience with Lass Naturals Anti-Aging Cream:
This cream comes in a sturdy plastic tub with screw lid. It has a silver foil paper to prevent the spillage of the cream. Well it is night cream that you need not carry with you in the day time, but if you are travelling you can take it with you.

Texture, Colour and Smell:
The texture of the Lass Naturals Anti-Aging Cream is creamy butter like one and the colour is muddy white. The smell is not in any particular flower or fruit but it is mild and tolerable.

My Take:
I was bit skeptical to use this cream because of its buttery creamy texture on my oily skin. But, their paraben and phthalates free, hypo allergic and not tested on animal promises made me to try this cream. I was very much afraid of breakouts and greasiness. I use to apply this cream in a lighter hand always. So, I didn't feel any greasiness or oiliness on my face. But I need to massage this cream for few minutes to make it completely absorbed on the skin.
Thank God!!! there is no break outs or allergy due to this cream on my skin. This cream worked absolutely fine for making my skin smooth and soft. The only thing I hate is to dip my fingers to take the cream each time. Regarding anti-aging claims I don't have any visible wrinkles or fine lines to cure through this cream. But I am sure this cream will help for mature and dry skin very well to retain the smoothness of the skin back.

In the morning I feel my skin smooth and soft with subtle glow. This cream helped me a lot during winter time in my skin care regime. Only thing I expect it may break out very oily skin beauties when it is over applied which never happened with me, because I sis apply very less quantity on my face.

My Likes with Lass Naturals Anti-Aging Cream:
  • Affordable.
  • Against animal testing.
  • Free from Parabens.
  • Makes skin smooth and soft.
  •  Best for dry mature skin to treat.
  • Less amount of cream is enough to apply.
  • Hypo allergic and no breakouts.
  • Hydrates the skin well without feeling greasiness.
My Dislikes with Lass Naturals Anti-Aging Cream:
  • Very oily skin should use this cream in a lighter hand, not a con actually.
  • Availability.
  • Tub packaging.
Final Verdict:
Lass Naturals Anti-Aging Cream is a good night cream to treat your mature skin well to make it soft and smooth. Best for dry mature skin for Anti-aging purpose. 

Hope you will find this Review useful...
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