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Nivea lip Butter Raseberry Rose Review

Nivea lip Butter Raseberry Rose Review
Hello Dearies,
Happy New Year To You All Friends. Most of you are very familiar to this lip balm and I've seen many good reviews on this lip balm by our beauty bloggers. Finally I got some golden time to share this pending review. I decided to buy this lip balm when I saw a post in a blog that these lip butters are going to be launched in India soon and I bought it immediately after the launch. Let's see the review...

About the Product:
Best lip balms for chapped dry lips
Nivea lip Butter Raseberry Rose Review
Nivea lip Butter Raseberry Rose
Price        189 Rs for 
Shelf life  30 months
Available at all healthnglow outlets and in some super markets. Also you can buy in all beauty online shopping Websites like Medplusbeauty, flipkart, slassy, purple etc.

Product Description:


My Experience with Nivea lip Butter Raseberry Rose:

I adore the packaging very much, I love these kind of cute tiny tubs and boxes. This one is flat round tub same like their blue colour moisturizing cream package. It is travel friendly but not user friendly.

Texture, Colour and Smell:
The texture is creamy and pale pink in colour, smells very mild, I think it is fruity smell.

My take:
I am a big fan of Nivea lip balms especially for their tinted lip balms. Nivea lip butter is totally different from their usual lip balms. This lip balm hydrates the lips very well as it has Shea butter as an ingredient. The one thing I hate about this lip butter is it gives a white layer on lips after applying, I think this white layer problem happens only with pigmented lips but for pink lips it will look and work fine.
This lip butter really stays for good time on lips and gives a moisturized look for lips. We need to use fingers to take out the lip balm and apply it which I hate a bit, I prefer cylindrical lip balms like lipsticks which are easy to apply on the go and hygienic as well. I wish this lip butter also comes in a normal lip balm package one day so that it can be used effectively. This lip butter works well on dry and chapped lips and treats them well.

My Likes with Nivea lip Butter Raseberry Rose:
  • Cute Package and travel friendly.
  • It has Goodness of Shea butter.
  • This lip balm is best for dry and chapped lips.
  • Hydrates the lips very well.
  • Moisturize the lips and stays on the lips for good time.
  • It has Butter like texture.
My Dislikes with Nivea lip Butter Raseberry Rose:
  • The 189 Rs price tag is bit high.
  • Not user friendly package.
  • It leaves white like layer on pigmented lips.
Final Verdict:
Nivea lip Butter Raseberry Rose is a good lip balm for dry and chapped lips to keep your lips soft. Do give a try if you are a lip balm fan like me... It is best for dry chapped lips.

Hope My Review is helpful for you all...
Please share your thoughts...
With Love Radha...

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