Thursday, January 9, 2014 Online shopping website Review and Haul post

Skin Care Haul Post with Aromamagic, Lakme and Cetaphil:
Hello Friends,
For long time I didn't do any haul posts, it is because I didn't shop anything for the last three months. My skin care products got finished and I need to shop those things importantly, so I did shopping. This is fully skin care products haul posts. I have browsed so many time and never did shop with them. This time I did shop with them finally, so sharing my experience about with you all in this haul post...

Best online shopping Online shopping website Review and Haul post is an online shopping website which contains all kind of products especially for women they have lot of collections to shop. They have huge collection of makeup products and accessories also. The minimum order for COD should be around 600 Rs and above 1000 Rs purchase will be considered for free shipping. They promise you to ship the products within 2 to 5 days.

My Experience with Online shopping website:
Their packaging:
Their packaging method is very good, I received the products which are well covered and bubble wrapped, they are in good condition, there is no damaged products, thank God.
So, full points for their packaging system, it is great. Their packaging is perfect.

About Delivery:
I did COD order and received the products after 5 days from my ordered date. I always prefer to get the products within 2 days from my ordered date, up to my experience is slow in their delivery system. So thumbs down and no marks for them in this.

Overall I liked their service, but not their slow shipping system.

About My Haul:
I have ordered
Aromamagic Lavender face wash already Reviewed HERE,
Aromamagic under eye cream,
Aromamagic Nourishing Dew Cream and
Lakme youth infinity Night cream.

I am totally obsessed with Aromamagic products, especially for their face washes. I am repurchasing them again and again. So, I bought Lavender face wash third time here. Because of being sick and disturbed sleeping in the night I got slight dark circles, so I bought Aromamagic under eye cream.

I got bored and almost finished my old day cream lotus herbals alpha moist moisturizer and this time bought Aromamagic nourishing dew cream as my day cream. As I told already in my Lakme Youth Infinity serum review, I bought Lakme youth infinity Night cream and I hope this night cream will be good like the serum from this range. I am very much excited to try and review this new products. Stay tuned with our blog for the reviews Girls...

Also I bought Cetaphil cleansing lotion, because I am suffering from pimple problem by taking regular medicines and now this cleansing lotion calming down my pimple problem slowly. This is my HG cleansing milk and it helps a lot for my sensitive skin problems. This is a best makeup remover too. I have reviewed this product already in my blog.

That's all girls,
Hope you all liked my haul...
With love Radha..

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