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Lotus Herbals RoseTone Facial Skin Toner Review

Lotus Herbals RoseTone Facial Skin Toner Review
Hello Friends,
I always buy alcohol free skin toners, because I have sensitive skin. But very few toners only worked on my sensitive oily skin perfectly. It is very hard to take care of oily sensitive skin and stay flawless. My skin has always some pimple stories and it's marks, I am blessed like this. Sometimes I am fed off with toners which broke me out to the hell and will stop using toners totally and sometimes my evil mind advice me that "do try some toners Girl, they might be good". From this kind of advice I bought this Lotus Herbals RoseTone Facial Skin Toner. Let's see the review...

About the Product:
Rose toners for skin care
Lotus Herbals RoseTone Facial Skin Toner Review
Lotus Herbals RoseTone Facial Skin Toner 
Price 225 Rs for 100 ml
Shelf life 3 years
Available at all healthnglow outlets and in some super markets. Also you can buy in all beauty online shopping Websites like Medplusbeauty, flipkart, slassy, purple etc.

Product Description:


My Experience with Lotus Herbals RoseTone Facial Skin Toner:
The packaging looks attractive in the sense the colour of the toner makes it attractive. It is transparent sturdy plastic package with a pump dispenser. It looks bit bulky still you can carry it with you.

Colour, Smell & Texture:
The rose toner looks bit dark pink when compared with other rose waters. I never expect pink colour rose waters or toners if they are natural. Also I hate toners which comes with froth which are mostly end up break out my skin. The smell is strong and the texture is neither oil nor water. 

My take:
I had great hope on this toner, because it is from lotus herbals which is my favorite brand. I have imagined about this toner like this will be like a pure rose water before dispensing it on my hand. But I am totally wrong and the rosetone facial skin toner made my skin more oily. I feel greasy after applying this toner on my skin and within few days I got new breakouts on my face. 
I really didn't expect this reaction from this toner and totally disappointed. I have stopped using this toner to check whether i am getting pimple because of this toner or something else. After that I have no new pimple problem. After some time again I start to use this toner, again the same greasy feel and breakouts. This time I confirmed this toner is total dud and not suitable for my oily sensitive skin.

I never thought rose toner will breakout my skin. I have totally stopped using toners for few months. But, I may need toner for the summer. This product from Lotus Herbals is totally disappointed me.

My likes with Lotus Herbals RoseTone Facial Skin Toner:
  • Easily available
  • Travel friendly.
  • Alcohol free
  • Cleanse the dirt from the skin.
  • May be suitable for dry skin.
  • High price tag.
My Dislikes with Lotus Herbals RoseTone Facial Skin Toner:
  • Broke out my skin within few days.
  • Made my skin greasy feel.
  • Not suitable for sensitive oily skin.
  • Artificial colour
  • Artificial smell.
Final verdict:
Lotus Herbals RoseTone Facial Skin Toner is a dud product according to me, will not suitable for oily and sensitive skin. May be dry skin beauties can try this as it hydrates the skin well.

Hope My review is helpful for you all...
Thanks and share your thoughts...
With love Radha...

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