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How To Prepare Herbal Flower Face Pack in Home-DIY

How To Prepare Herbal Flower Face Pack in Home-DIY 
Hello Girls,
My regular blog readers must know about Harini Herbals natural skin and hair care products. They prepare homemade face packs and Hair oils etc and selling it at reasonable price. They very open to share their recipe how to prepare their homemade products yourself. Today the owner of Harini Herbals came forward to share her How To Prepare Herbal Flower Face Pack in Home-DIY recipe with all IBZ readers. So, girls get ready to do this amazing face pack...

How To Prepare Flower Face Pack?
Things You will Need to Prepare:
Herbal face pack for skin
How To Prepare Herbal Flower Face Pack in Home-DIY 
1. Almonds
2. Green gram dal
3. Dried Rose petals
4. Senna Auriculata(Avaram Poo)
5. Sepotaceae(Mahilam Poo)

Preparation Method:

Step 1: Dry all the ingredients almonds, along with the dry flower petals rose, mazhilam poo, aavaram poo and Green Gram dal. Make them dry in sunshade. Note: Don't dry them in the direct sun light.

Step 2: After they all getting dried well, grind them in the mixer jar if the quantity is less than 250 grams, Make it into fine powder that can be easily turn paste like texture when you mix it with water or rose water.

Step 3: Now after grinding, filter the powder using a cheese cloth (Muslin cloth) to get a very fine powder.

Step 4: That's it now the flower face pack is ready to use, store it in a dark glass bottle.

Method to use:
Take 1 teaspoon of Harini Herbals Mixed Flower Face Pack, mix it with rose water. Apply all over your face and neck. Leave it for 15 mins and let them dry. After 15 mins sprinkle water on your face and give light massage from the direction of downward to upward directions. Now wash your face with plain water and damp with a cotton towel.

NOTE: Must not use soaps or face wash for 5 hours.

For better results use this face pack weekly once. For Dry skin mix this face pack with curd or plain milk. For Oily skin mix this face pack with lemon juice and a drop of glycerin. For combination and sensitive skin mix it with rose water.

By regular use your skin will starts glow and become soft. Use this flower face pack to remove your sun tan, treat your pimple problem and to make your skin fresh. The natural ingredients slowly improves your skin texture and will make it even toned. This is the best face pack for all season and never dries your skin like other chemical face packs after using on your face. It gives long lasting results.

Uses of the Flower Face Pack:
The Almonds and Avaram poo will brighten up your face naturally. The Rose petals and Mahizam poo will moisturize your face. The Green Gram dal boost your skin elasticity naturally and make it looks fresh.

Hope you will find this DIY useful...
Please check Harini Herbals Website to buy their all natural skin and hair care products...
With Love Radha...

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