Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lip care at Home-Different shades of lipsticks

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Publishing The second set of Elle 18 "The Miss Lipalicious contest" Contest. The winners will be announced by the end of December as the PR of Elle 18 is on her holiday vacation.

Your lips are an insight into your health problems. Drinking enough water is a must -  atleast 1 litre a day to keep the lips well hydrated. Exfoliating your lips with a scrub homemade or available in the market is a must followed by a high grade good quality lip balm with spf in it.



TIP- milk cream and sugar crush rub on lips and apply on lips in night .. They get a moistured ,juicy and beautiful lips :).



My Lip Care tips:
1) I use Nivea Lip Butter when I am at home, as it is very important to moisturize lips in winter.
2) When going out, Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms or Elle 18 Juicy Lip Balms are my all time favorite as the keep my lips locked in moisture as well as giving them a light tint.
3) Once a week, I scrub my lips with sugar and olive oil to remove dead cells and make them softer.


I never ever step out without a lip gloss or a lipstick and for this I need to maintain my lips soft and supple all year around. They behave superbly during summers but during winters my lips need utmost care as they get super dry and sometimes get chapped. 

For supple lips during winters I have simple tips and they are:
1. Always apply lip balm
2. Scrub your lips every week 
3. Never keep licking your lips as this lead to dry lips too
4.Try applying gloss over lipstick during winters to get those plumped up lips


Tips for soft n smooth lips:-

1) If I am in a hurry n have no time .. Then I apply The Pure Ghee (Made by My Mom).. Advantage Is that I can Lick it whenever I want.. N it keep my lips soft n moisturised....

2) In the weekends When I have time.. I soak some rose petal in milk for some time.. Later mash it n apply on my lips. Then I let it dry n wash off.. With this I get soft n fragrant full lips.. (PS This is yummy if u lick it.. :P)

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Winners of the The Miss Lipalicious Contest: Mini-contest by Elle 18 

Congrats Girls....

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