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Lipstick Suggestions for Indian Skin Tone-Lip care Tips

Hello Beauties Chandana:

My lip care tips:
1. Apply heavily thick waxy lipbalm and leave it over night to find a soft lips next day.
2. Scoop a small amount of the lipbalm and add sugar to it. This makes a good exfoliator to the lips.
3. Rub rose petals to the bare lips to make them look naturally pink.


lipcare tips
1:Make a lip balm out of almond oil and lemon juice, and massage your lips with that every night for a few minutes before going to bed.
2:Use some Vaseline on a baby toothbrush to gently exfloit your lips.. This can be done daily.

tips for beautiful lips
this is my mom  age-old home remedy of keeping your lips naturally pink and healthy which i follow till now. Apply a few drops ofdesi ghee or mustard oil in your belly button (navel), before going to sleep. Those who have dry, chapped, or dark lips will see visibly effective results if they follow this natural tip, regularly.

2.never lick your lips that will dry your lips

3.moisturized your skin
i use homemade milkcream(malai/makan) add 2-3 rose water and apply on lips at night 


I keep myself hydrated all the time and that immensely helps in preventing chapped lips.


1-Apply vaseline on ur lips at the night before sleeping as it makes lips more softer..
2-For soft and moisturised lips,apply malai on ur is best for the lips as moisturiser..
3-Avoid licking ur lips as saliva dries out ur lips esp. sice licking tips will remove both lip balm.


My Lip care Tips:

• Every night before going to bed a lip balm is a must for me. Either I apply Lotus lip balm or 

The Body Shop 

Apart from lip balms, I have few of my grandma tips for my lips 

• Crush rose petals along with milk cream, apply this mixture to your lips and allow it for half 

an hour. The milk cream makes your lips moisturized and supple whereas the rose petals 

adds a colour to your lips.

I repeat this thrice a week for my lips.

Rubbing your lips with a mixture of drop of rose water and glycerine too softens lips healing 

all cracks.

Massaging your lips with lemon juice makes lips healthy and gets a look of a bloomed petal.


my simple yet effective lip care tip is take butter (preferably home made butter )add a li'l rock salt in it and apply it twice or thrice a day on ur lips it will never let ur lips become chapped and dry  it'll give ur lips li'l rosey tones too . 


My Lip Care Tips :
1- Make a paste of glycerine, honey, and lemon juice and apply it on ur lips ,leave it for 10-15 mins and then remove using   a damp cotton cloth.You ll  get smooth, pink, beautiful lips :)   
2-  If you want beautiful, pink lips, one of the most important things to do is to stay HYDRATED :)


Lip Care Tip- Applying Malai before going to bes heels chapped lips faster. Ans leave lips soft and very moisturize. 


Here are the tips for lip care:
1. Exfoliate lips with a soft toothbrush
2. Once or twice a week slough away dead cells with a mixture of Almond oil and sugar
3. Always make sure to use a lip balm before going out.
4. Make sure to remove all colors off your lips before going to bed.

Sharon Monis

My simple tip for luscious lips is to always keep your lips moisturized especially during winter.
-Use lip balm that contains SPF. 
-Avoid licking your lips 'coz this habit will tend to dry your lips even more.
-Keep a lip balm handy in your bag.
-Apply vaseline petroleum jelly at night


Keep your lips moisturized and hydrated at all times.

Honey is a natural ingredient to treat lips that have turned dark with
age and other external factors. Honey has many beauty benefits, one of
the benefits is that it can soften lips and give your lips a pink
glow. Apply honey over night, every day. Apply it all over your lips
and let it dry. Don’t wash off.

Apply the mixture of castor oil and almond oil to massage your lips to
make them pinkish naturally.


Tip for lips for the contest

Mix some crystalized sugar into a few drops of lemon juice and one drop of olive oil and use it to scrub your lips anytime to get soft and instant smooth lips.


lip care tips:  I brush my lips with a soft brush lightly everyday as it helps to exfoliate and keeps my lips soft :)

do not use lipbalm everyday/frequently as it will make your lips more prone to drying  I only use lipbalm when my lips are severely chapped and  my lips are  not soft most  of the  time as they are not used to lipbalm so  it isn't a necessity.


My lip care routine:
 a very effective, easy to do lip scrub
I put lots of lip balm on my lips and scrub some fine sugar on it for almost 5 min. After 5 min. I gently remove the extra lip balm from facial tissue.
This is the best lip care treatment I have ever used. It exfoliate my lips very well.

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