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Kaya skin clinic Review - My Experience of Clear Fresh Oil Control Facial

Hello Girls,
Oily skin girls looks always dull and have acne, pimple problems now and then always. I am also into this category who is suffering by oily skin in this winter too. I always hankering for a clear and fresh skin and trying lots of products to achieve that fresh look. Recently I went to Kaya skin clinic for this clear fresh look treatment which is very famous beauty salon for it's excellent and effective beauty treatments. You people may heard that famous cinema starts all are taking their skin and hair care treatments over here. So, let's see my experience in detail...

About Kaya Skin Clinic:
In December 2002, Marico identified society’s growing aspiration to an ideal of beauty. From the partnership of intensive scientific research and extensive consumer feedback, Kaya was created. Today, with over 100 clinics across India, Singapore and the Middle East and catering to a 7-lakh-strong customer base, Kaya Skin Clinic is the one-stop destination for skin perfection. Adding to this is the 2010 acquisition of the aesthetics business of Singapore-based company Derma Rx Asia-Pacific, thus expanding our international interests. A decade of beautiful skin over, Kaya Skin Clinic looks forward to many more decades of flawless perfection.
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The Types of Facials:

Back shine therapy
Facial for oily skin
Kaya skin clinic Review - My Experience of Clear Fresh Oil Control Facial 
Aqua Radiance
Clear Fresh Oil Control

Skin Lightening Miracles

My Experience of Clear Fresh Oil Control Facial at Kaya Skin Clinic:
There is no doubt, yes I have chosen the "Clear Fresh Oil Control" facial for my oily skin. I am suffering by oily skin this winter also, where everybody complains about the skin dryness. The Facial really made my face clear and fresh which I never seen before it on my face. It is really great and effective. Recommended sittings are 3, I did only one time and in that time itself my skin felt so fresh and clear. 

What is Clear Fresh Oil Control Facial:
Clear fresh oil control service is especially designed for oily, acne prone skin. It uses Botanical extracts like Kudze, Chamomile Flower, Extract and Burdock Root extract to reduce sebum and remove impurities. To suit oily and acne prone skin, this service uses gentle manual exfoliation, infusion of Kaya Comedone control serum and a new purifying mask.
The exfoliate Vanilla Exfoliating Jelly, contains Alginate, extracted from brown seaweeds, with refreshing and hydrating properties. Dextrose has antioxidant properties and improves the softness of the skin. The conker tree seeds softly exfoliate the skin by gentle massage, clearing out the dead skin cells.

The Purifying Peel off mask is a special formulation with seaweeds- Algin and Clay to seal the moisture. The skin is cleansed and purified dead cells and impurities are removed. It breathes better and is nourished with the seawater nutrients provided by the seaweed. The skin also becomes more supple and soft. Its pores are tightened; it feels fresh and glows again.

My Experience:
The facial process started by a gel cleansing method and then the process followed up by a vanilla jelly scrubber. After that they did ionizing the skin by using a cool like instrument which gave an experience like a gel swimming on my skin, before that they applied skin serum. Later, they did a blow like cleansing by using saline, it was like a mass cleaning of my skin. After that the blackhead and whitehead removal and they said I don't have much blackheads, but there are some whiteheads which may turn to blackheads. 
Thank God this blackhead removal process cleanse my all blackheads those who were sat on my nose tip for a long time. My nose tip is shining and glittering now. After that again serum massage and then the process ended by a re hydrating mask. I felt really a clear fresh oil controlled face immediately. Every oily skin beauties must try this facial to achieve a clear fresh look. 
They gave their Kaya Skin Clinic Special drink something like herbal tea, it is an awesome and refreshing drink. Their services are neat and hygienic always. I loved their welcoming part and evry of their sincere services. 

Final Verdict:
Every oily skin beauties and those who want to make their face clear and fresh must try this Clear Fresh Oil Control Facial, which gives a super clear skin with fresh look, also removes all dead cells and impurities from our skin thoroughly. 

Hope you all will find this facial Post useful one...
Have tried any facials at kaya Skin Clinic???
With love Radha

PS: I was invited by PR to try this facial to do the Review, but my review is 100% honest from my heart.


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