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How To Prepare Curry Leave oil in the Home-DIY Method For Hair Fall Control

How To Prepare Curry leave oil in the Home:
Guest Post By Madhuvanthi,
Hello Friends,
This is Madhu, today I am going to explain How To Prepare Curry Leave oil in the Home-For Hair Fall Control. So many of us suffering by hair fall and other hair scalp problems always. I am preparing this curry leave oil especially to nourish and control the hair fall. By following this method carefully you can prepare curry leave oil in you home. let's see the method...
Hair fall remedies
How To Prepare Curry Leave oil in the Home-DIY Method For Hair Fall Control

How to prepare Curry Leave Oil:
Ingredients needed:
1. Curry Leaves - 2 to 3 bunch
2. coconut oil - 500 ml
3. A pan for boil
4. A glass jar for storing the oil

Preparation Method:
Take 3 bunches of curry Leaves or (Karuvepillai). Coconut oil 500 ml. Remove all the leaves from stem and wash them with water and allow them to dry in the shade so that there is no water content. After the leaves are dry grind the curry leaves to a paste .Pour a cup of pure coconut oil into a pan and heat the oil in low flame. After the two minutes add the curry leaves paste to the oil and boil for sometime till the green color of the paste become dark .Switch off the flame and allow to oil to cool .Filter the oil and pour into a desired bottle. Homemade herbal curry leaves oil is ready to use. 

For better result use regularly. This hair oil controls hair fall, gives thickness to your hair. Whenever you want to use the oil take some oil sufficient for your hair and heat it in a pan or microwave it for 2-3 minutes and apply on your hair. Make sure the oil is not too hot and the heat is bearable for your hands and scalp. Apply the oil from scalp to roots and massage in circular directions .Wrap a hot towel around your head and stay for half an hour and wash off with home made shikkakai or shampoo

Note :
This is the local very old form of homemade hair oil recipe. You can definitely rely on it. And do not forget the fact that when you starts to follow a new method your hair and scalp may reject it. But do not worry. If repeatedly apply the oil it will become suitable for you.

This method is easy and safe one which has no side effects like harmful chemical hair oils. You can use it as a regular hair oil or use it weekly thrice for best results. You will love the results that this hair oil gives you shiny hair and controls hair fall, this will increase your hair growth. Natural and herbal products always gives slow results only, but the results will stay for long. 

Hope this DIY Method is helpful for you all,
I am preparing this oil professionally in my home, you can order from here at 
With Love Madhu...

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