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Eyetex Dazller Face Powder Review

Eyetex Dazller Face Powder with Sunscreen Review
Hello Girls,
Finally I got some time to share about my favourite daily use loose face powder from Eyetex Dazller. Eyetex Dazller is a well-known brand from my school days. This brand’s all-time favourite product is their Kajal. I have used this Kajal a lot in my childhood days. I have bought this face powder form a hyper market last year and almost finished it. Let’s see the review…

About The Product:
Affordable compact powders
Eyetex Dazller Face Powder Review
Eyetex Dazller Face Powder
Price 60 Rs for 30gm
Shelf Life 2 years

Product Description and Ingredients:

My Experience with Eyetex Dazller Face Powder:
It is a round satin sandal colour sturdy plastic tub with press open lid. I don’t think it is travel friendly. Inside the plastic tub in the press open lid it has 5 small holes to dispense the powder out. Also it contains a thin powder applicator.

Colour, Texture and Smell:
The smell of the face powder is a pleasant sandal smell. The texture is very fine milled powder. I took the sandal shade which is suitable for my wheatish skin tone.

My Take:
It is a best daily use face powder and it is so good for this price. I love to apply this face powder after applying my day cream. I have used this powder mostly in the summer. This face powder is just awesome and easily blends on the skin and looks very natural and fresh. I loved this powder for its smell and natural finish. This powder never makes skin patchy or dry. Works well with all type of day creams and sunscreens. It is Easy to reapply as it has its own powder applicator.
This face powder keeps the face looks fresh for few more hours. It depends where you are, like if you are in AC rooms it will stay for more time. If you are in sweaty, sultry situation it may vanishes within few hours. There are some high end brands also doing the same though. This powder controls oiliness from the skin for few hours, as it is not a compact powder.
Best budget buy for school going girls, also for college girls. I have seen some other brand’s compact and pressed powders which has very poor packaging and quality than this face powder. But, their prices are more than some hundred bucks. I love this brand for its quality packaging than the brands who are thinking about only making money than customer’s comfort with products.

My likes with Eyetex Dazller Face Powder:
  • Easily available.
  • Budget Buy.
  • Best quality and quantity for the rice.
  • Best packaging though not travel friendly.
  • Smells pleasant.
  • Has powder applicator.
  • The powder is easily absorbed on the skin and looks very natural.
  • Never dries out the skin, best for all skin types.

My Dislikes with Eyetex Dazller Face Powder:
  • Some girls may not like who wants more coverage and staying power.

Final Verdict:
Eyetex Dazller Face Powder is a best powder for college and school girls, also for ladies who want a daily use face powder inside the home. For 60 bucks this powder is a best product.

Hope My Review is helpful for you all…
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With Love Radha…

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