Sunday, December 15, 2013

Easy Fall Makeup Look - Shimmer Neutral Eyes with Cranberry Lips

Easy Fall Makeup Look - Shimmer Neutral Eyes with Cranberry Lips :
Hello Beauties,
I am sure you all enjoying the Sunday very well, I am again with a boring Sunday. So I wanna make this Sunday something interesting. I was watching Fall Look makeup videos for 2 months whenever I want to do something new. The Makeup Gurus are amazing and I know I can't even imagine to do the makeup look what they are doing. I always simplify the things and do it easily. So, I gathered a general idea about Fall Makeup look that 1. Neutral Eye makeup with dark lip colour or Smokey Eye look with neutral Lips. We should relate the shades with Fall trend somehow. So I did Easy Fall Makeup Look with Shimmer Neutral Eyes with Cranberry Lips.

Easy Fall Makeup Look - Shimmer Neutral Eyes with Cranberry Lips:
fall makeup look ideas
Easy Fall Makeup Look - Shimmer Neutral Eyes with Cranberry Lips 
I am allergic to use so many makeup stuffs and layer it on my face. So, I used minimal products for this look.
They are

For Base Makeup:
1. Lotus Herbals Purestay Nourishing Foundation
2. Lakme Compact
I applied foundation by my fingers and blended it on my skin well, then I did set it with Lakme Compact powder. Now My Face is ready for fall Makeup and I did bit bright look here. 

For Eyes:
1. Lakme Eyeconic pencil (sorry that one got missing in this picture)
2. Streetwear Creamy eyeshadow Bomb shell and Miss claire Neutral shade eyeshadow .
3. Streetwear Eyeliner.
4. Maybelline Mascara.
5. Eyeshadow brushes and eye pencil for eyebrow filling.
First time I did eyebrow filling in my life. I used AD pencil for this purpose and this pencil did the job very well. Then I started applying the Miss claire eyeshadow as base and then applied Streetwear eyeshadow to give a neutral shimmery look. Then applied streetwear eyeliner on the lids and lakme eyeconic kajal on the water line. That's all Neutral eye look ready.

The Lips:
For the lips I have used Lakme eyeconic kajal and maybelline super stay 10hr tint colour which is sent by Teju darling <3.
I don't have any cranberry shade in lipsticks, so first I lined my lips then smudged it inside the lips slightly. The I have applied the Maybelline colour tint and created this fall lip look. 

Hope you all Liked my Easy Fall Makeup Look - Shimmer Neutral Eyes with Cranberry Lips. You can do a makeup look like this by using neutral lipstick with black or blue smoky eye makeup. For fall makeup side bangs or free hair styles will look beautiful. I am planning to do more fall makeup looks, so stay tuned with our blog always to get updated...

PS: I am very bad in taking pictures of my makeup looks. Somewhat I have managed and took this pictures today. Excuse me if you find any mistake here. I took the pictures really in a hurry before my naughty son wake up. Hope to do the smoky Eye makeup with Neutral lip colour soon. 

Please share your thoughts and ideas...
With Love Radha

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