Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to do Hair Spa at Home DIY Beauty Tips

Entry By Meenakshi:
Dove Elixir Rose and Almond Hair Oil:
When we say spa, we visualize candles, sweet fragrance in air, rose petals in bath tub, sweet music, and aura which is great as it gives us a WOW feeling and yet at I can't create a spa in my home but I try to make it more relaxing and relish the peace or the calming effect it provides me...
I pamper my hair a lot and wish to have long hair so I take care of them very regularly. I usually follow a hair care regime to pamper them, first, in night I apply Dove Elixir Rose and Almond hair oil in my hair and massage the scalp so that oil should reach the scalp and roots of my hair and nourish them. This hair oil prevents hair fall and has a very smoothing aroma which completely mesmerizes me.
After oiling and massaging my hair, I tie scarf and sleep well, in morning I apply Dove hair therapy shampoo and conditioner and wash my hair with water and nonetheless to say my hair feels pampered with all Dove's love and then I indulge in bath with Dove bar and Dove body wash which gives me a feel as if I am in spa and my hair and my body are getting pampered with river of cream and rain of aroma and then tie up my hair in my favourite pink towel and my hair spa is done....
Also, occasionally, I pamper my hair with home remedies like I apply a mixture in my hair, in a bowl I take around half cup of curd and in it I add a little mustard oil and whisk in well and after washing my hair with shampoo I apply this mixture in my hair and massage it properly and then gently wash it off with water and tie around a towel in wet hair and comb them properly. Also I put beaten eggs once in month or shikakai and amla, for shikakai and amla I soak these in water overnight and then in morning after washing hair with shampoo and conditioner, I put the shikakai and amla soaked water in my hair and rinse it thoroughly, I use shikkakai in summer to give coolness to scalp but it can be used in winters too like at once a week...Believe me, after using shikakai and amla hair gets soft, smoother and shikakai has a cooling effect on scalp and I feel that I am pampering my hair just like they get pampered in a hair spa :)
Dove Elixir Lavender and Olive Oil:
We all have unshared secrets, unspoken desires, and aspirations to get pampered. After a tiring week, I wish to have a sometime on week end only for myself in which I can relax and rejuvenate myself for the coming week and these are those time when I wish to pamper myself, my body, and my hair. And, what better way is to do with Dove Elixir Lavender and Olive oil.
I care for my hair a lot and found that my hair are getting dry and dry by day even though I was proper oiling them, dryness in my hair was a big issue for me. So, I tried out this new Dove Elixir Lavender Olive oil. This is especially made for hair which are getting drier and losing luster and I thought to give it a try and see the result as I have been trying other oils.

So, I applied this oil at night as it says that it has the power of overnight oiling and the lavender oil treats the defective scalp and olive oil adds the needed luster to our hair. And, in morning, I washed up my hair with Dove Shampoo and used Dove conditioner and rinse my hair thoroughly with water and wrapped up my hair in towel for a while. Doubtfully, I combed my hair and to my surprise I could see my lustrous hair and the shine back and I could feel the dryness was gone and to my surprised, my mother also noted the shiny effect and she asked, Is it Love. I said, No mamma, It's Dove. I was feeling like I am a little girl whose wish has been got fulfilled and me and my hair got what they wanted and I could feel my hair dancing with their luster and shine as Dove Elixir Lavender Olive oil not only treats the dryness of scalp but also it rejuvenates the condition of hair and brings back the shine and luster and I feel the dance of my hair.
Dove Elixir Hibiscus and Argan Oil:
Dove has always been there for me and has always earned my trust as Dove is synonyms for pampering. Hair needs lots of care and pampering and it does require daily care and then only we can long black hair.
I have long black hair and all thanks goes to Dove Elixir Hibiscus and Argan Hair oil which is especially meant for daily use. Today, when ever, we go out, at times we don't know but we get effected by pollution, sun exposure, cool winds, and as a result, our hair gets affected the most and results in tangled hair and hair fall. But worry not, Dove is there for our tangled dry hair and this variant, Dove Elixir Hibiscus and Argan Oil, serves the purpose well. I tried this hair oil as it is especially meant for daily need. So, I applied Dove Elixir Hibiscus and Argan Oil in my hair at night and properly massage the scalp so that it penetrates to the roots and nourish them and in morning just gave my hair a Dove Shampoo wash followed by conditioning with Dove Conditioner and rinsed my hair thoroughly with water and wrapped them in towel and comb them and I could feel the change that my hair was got. They were nourished and the dryness of scalp was gone and they were shining and lustrous and I knew this all has been possible with Dove Elixir Hibiscus and Argan Oil as it nourishes, rejuvenates and replenishes the dry scalp and treats dry hair and I was happy as I got back the shine luster in my hair as my hair got Dove love <3

When dry, tangle, hair with lots of dust
Then make a Hair Spa, Indulge the lust, 
Feel the pamper, Enjoy the Love,
Bring back the shine, with awesome Dove

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