Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hair Care Using Olive Oil and Almond Oil

Hello Friends,MY HOME SPA IDEA:

Every 2nd Sunday is my spa day and really I want a proper environment and time for this method.
1. I light 2-3 candles in my room and dim lights then I spray my favourite room freshner.
2. I sit on a chair and start oiling my hairs with gentle circular movements. I prefer a mix of olive and almond oil in winters. And trust me the results are always magical.
3. Then I steam my hair with a steamer or wrap a hot towel for about 15 mins (I usually add few drops of lavender oil in steamer too)
4. I relax for 2 hours to let hairs absorb the oil. In the mean time I listen to my favourite songs or read a magazine or Sometimes a pedicure and manicure session.

4. Then after 2 hours I wash my hairs with hair fall rescue shampoo and warm water. Conditioning, a most important step after it.
5. Then I apply hair mask.
Hair mask- 1 egg yolk, 2 spoons of yogurt and honey each. I apply it for 1 hour and again cover my hairs with a hot towel. Then I rinse off and flaunt my beautiful, silky and smooth hairs. I am really addicted to it and love my beautiful hair.

1. Figaro olive oil

2. Bajal almond oil
3. Room freshner Engage deo - I find the fragrance a little strong for me so
nowadays m using it in my spa., And m loving it.
4. Magazine
5. Hair mask:

Hello dearies,
For me- home spa is a synonym of relaxation, rejuvenation, beautification and pampering my senses. My idea of home spa is inspired with the vision of treating my all senses, body, mind and soul. It removes fatigue while giving a true blissful experience. 

Ambiance - Dim lights, light fragrance and soothing instrumental music in the air.

Step-) 1 Massage your head scalp and hair roots with warm oil. Apply a hair mask then wrap a hot towel around your head for 20 minutes. Shampoo your hairs with cold or lukewarm water. Give conditioning to hairs to make them soften and smooth.

Step-2) Revitalize your body. Start with Cleansing and Scrubbing and then a gentle facial Massage for 10 minutes that increase blood circulation. Apply a Face Pack and Eye mask. Wash it off with open water when dries. Moisturize your face.

Step -3) Apply body scrub and exfoliate gently to remove dead skin and tanning. 
Soak your body in water for sometime and wash it. One can add some fragrant oil in bath tub that gives aromatic pleasure of bathing. Massage your hands and feet with body oil after drying the body. Also rub it on nails and cuticles to soften them. Massage your body and allows it to absorb the goodness of oil and treat your skin. 

Step-4) Do a manicure and pedicure. Start with soaking hands and feet in water. Exfoliate and apply foot mask. After washing, moisturize them to soften. Shape and clean the nails and apply a nice shade of nail polish.

Step- 5) After all the recreation, Just sit in soothing music and enjoy it peacefully. Allow your senses to feel the aroma and Treat your taste buds with healthy juice and salad. Indulge in some reading affair and relax before entering the real world

 P.S. The Scrub, packs, cleansers and other products used in complete spa process can be home made or ready made (according to the availability, preference and choice)

Hope you all loved both Entries...
Do share yours...
With Love Radha...

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