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How to do Spa at Home Tips and Tutorial

How to do Spa at Home
Hello Friends,
My idea of Spa at Home -
It  would be having a relaxing head massage with nourishing Dove Elixir. First I will select a quiet place in my room, away from any distractions. Make my room in a comfortable temperature by closing all the curtains.
I will put on some soft music, I will light some candles (lavender essence) to prepare the room. 

Then I will relax and rejuvenate myself with a head Massage. Then close my eyes and take a power nape. It will help me to refresh and revive my body, mind and spirit. After I will shampoos my hair with a Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and apply Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner keep it for few minutes and then take a warm shower with Dove body lotion/soap. Then sit in a easy chair and applying Dove indulgent nourishment body lotion and enjoy the gentle massage and calmness. Sip a cup of green tea ll make me rejuvenate ,fresh & energetic :)

Hope you will like my idea how to do spa at Home...
With Love Kanchan


This is Gurjeet chhabra, My entry for magical and relaxing spa at home. Play light music and massage yourself starting from head massage with your favourite oil just like dove elixir and then quick steps of facial massage,then some part of body you like to massage and relax. Manicure and pedicure are very effective relaxing points.Ready your bath tub by lid colourful fragrance candles, put some rose petals on the water . Then add a few drops at a time of your favourite essential oil scents and slip into bath tub to relax in hot water bath. Now close your eyes enjoy the fragrance,music,calmness.You can do body scrub and pedicure.then wash your head with dove shampoo and condition it, then dry your hair. Apply dove lotion . Feel the freshness and relaxation you have enjoyed...

Hope you liked my idea of doing how to do spa at home...
With Love Gurjeet


Hello all, 
First all thank you for organizing Dove Elixir Spa Indulgence contest

I would also  like to inform you that recently my dad had an eye operation done and he was not advised to shampoo his hair for three weeks . I could not apply normal oil . so i used dove elixir  hibiscus and arghan oil. It was non sticky and shining . My dad is  happy when i use this  on his hair  daily .
For Hair spa :
First of all  apply dove elixir hair oil on clean and dry  hair .Massage your hair  nicely, then I will follow this procedure by hot towel  turban therapy ,that is dip your small towel in warm water ,squeeze extra water and then wrap  like a turban on your head . repeat the turban for 7-8 times . ( approx 20 minutes ) and then wash off  your hair you will get amazing results after you rinse it off. For best results shampoo your hair with dove shampoo and conditioner -type of shampoo and conditioner depends upon your hair type  that is dull  dry lacking luster oily etc.

Best Regards ,
Chandni Thacker

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By Radha

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