Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hair Care from Home-Do your Hair Spa at Your Home

Entry By Kanchan:
My idea of Spa at Home by using Dove Elixir Hair Oils :
Spa Pedicure: Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water By Indulging with the aromatic essence of real ingredients of blooming roses. Take a handful of sea salt and add an aromatic essence of your favourite scented oil. Then rub this cool scrub on your feet and legs for super-smooth skin. Follow a gentle massage with a Dove body lotion.
Body Wraps: Wraps are a special spa treat at home.  Mix equal parts of honey n lemon juice. Chill in the refrigerator, then apply to your feet, legs, arms& neck. Cover the mixture with regular plastic wrap and relax with your favourite music for 10 minutes. Rinse and you’ll notice how hydrated and fresh your skin feels.
Facial: Simply mash ½ banana (papaya), then add two tablespoons of yoghurt and one tablespoon of honey. Smooth evenly over your face and keep used (chilled) tea bags over eyes, relax for 10 minutes. Rinse with cool water.
 Head Massage: Bringing the ultimate festive indulgence this season by Dove Elixir. Plucked from the gardens of ancient beauty regimes, this is a range of precious hair oils that make oiling the mane a pleasurable and convenient experience J
Head massage with Dove Elixir  is a natural sun protection to enriches your hair,as it contains Rose & Almond . 
  Rose: Rose helps moisturise the hair and have a calming effect on our body, mind and soul.
  Almond: Give your crowning glory oodles of style, appeal and nourishment with the richness of almond oil.
 Golden drops of Dove Elixir breathe life into the fragile hair that fall easily, help nourish and help protect hair from damage. The potion of Dove Elixir Hair will help reduce hair breakage, to give you the power of overnight oiling in 30 minutes. After massage ur hair  , wrap it with a hot towel for 10 mins  then  rinse with cold water .You can also use Dove Elixir as a post wash serum, before hair styling -blow dry, hair ironing. This way you ensure you’ve got added moisture, increased shine and easy to manage hair.

Happy Dove Elixir Spa...

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