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Hair spa using Dove Products-Hair care tips

My Idea of Hair Spa at Home:

This is my entry for the Dove Elixir Spa Indulgence contest.
When we say spa, we visualize candles, sweet fragrance in air, rose petals in bath tub, sweet music, and aura which is great as it gives us a WOW feeling and yet at I can't create a spa in my home but I try to make it more relaxable and relish the peace or the calming effect it provides me...

I pamper my hair a lot and wish to have long hair so I take care of them very regularly. I usually follow a hair care regime to pamper them, first, in night I apply Dove Elixir Rose and Almond hair oil in my hair and massage the scalp so that oil should reach the scalp and roots of my hair and nourish them. This hair oil prevents hair fall and has a very smoothing aroma which completely mesmerizes me. 

After oiling and massaging my hair, I tie scarf and sleep well, in morning I apply Dove hair therapy shampoo and conditioner and wash my hair with water and nonetheless to say my hair feels pampered with all Dove's love and then I indulge in bath with Dove bar and Dove body wash which gives me a feel as if I am in spa and my hair and my body are getting pampered with river of cream and rain of aroma and then tie up my hair in my fav pink towel and taaa ddaaaa my hair spa is done....

Also, occasionally, I pamper my hair with home remedies like I apply a mixture in my hair, in a bowl I take around half cup of curd and in it I add a little mustard oil and whisk in well and after washing my hair with shampoo I apply this mixture in my hair and massage it properly and then gently wash it off with water and tie around a towel in wet hair and comb them properly. Also I put beaten eggs once in month or shikakai and amla, for shikakai and amla I soak these in water overnight and then in morning after washing hair with shampoo and conditioner, I put the shikakai and amla soaked water in my hair and rinse it thoroughly, I use shikkakai in summer to give coolness to scalp but it can be used in winters too like at once a week...Believe me, after using shikakai and amla hair gets soft, smoother and shikakai has a cooling effect on scalp and I feel that I am pampering my hair just like they get pampered in a hair spa :)

My home hair spa:
I don’t know why I love massaging and oiling my hairs in a #Bath Tub May be because I can save time. On weekends I love spending my 1 hour in my bath tub filled with warm Water and some rose petals. I just <3 it And in that time I love indulging in a scalp massage. ~ I USE 2Tspn OF COCONUT DEEP CONDITIONING OIL ~ 1 Tspn OF OLIVE OIL ~ 5 DROPS OF BADAM ROGAN 1.Mix them and apply gently focusing roots with finger tips till the ends.
2.After applying oil all over, I give myself a soothing massage. 
3.Cover my hairs with a hot towel so that steam can do wonders. 
4.Finish up bathing and then I apply the paste of METHI DANA(soaked over night and then grind to make paste). 
5. Cover up with a shower cap and try not to let the paste dry. 
6. The paste is sticky and a lil messy to rinse off. Rinse thoroughly with warm Water and shampoo. 
7. I don't find any need to use conditioner because the paste itself is tremendous. You'll feel the difference while washing. Hair will be smooth, shiny, bouncy And one thing very important this HAIR MASK IS ALSO USED FOR DANDRUFF. Hence, it is an all – rounder

Being with a toddler baby and looking after my whole family, is a hectic job.. So whenever I get time (or atleast once in a month) I make a day (usually only just some time :P) for my self to spend with myself n pamper myself..
I start the my pampering with , First I Take fresh cream n put 1 string of kesar in it and now grind it with almond n keep aside. Now I take  warm coconut oil and apply it all over my hairs and scalp. Now when the hair is done.. I take that cream and kesar mixture and apply it all over my neck and face and let it dry for sometime. This gives my skin natural glow and moisture, Which is best for winter. If I have more time Then I apply the above mixture to my body and let it dry too.

For my Lips I use Pure Ghee to give them moisture. I do what My Granny always used to say to me to use lemon skin (left over skin after removal of juice) on my funny bone n around the neck, where it has become dark ,  so it would gradually make it normal to my skin tone.

Then I concentrate on my Hands and legs, which need to be looked at, after all those running around my daughter. I take half bucket of Luke warm water and add salt to it and keep my legs in them for 10 mins and them I use foot file to gently smooth rough skin.

As I have a small baby I usually don’t keep long nails. So after I have remove the all the nail polish from hands and legs, I exfoliate my hands with a mix of 2 tsp olive oil and salt n sugar. Then I cut my nails and keep them clean.

Then in bath tub I add rosewater and coconut milk  in it for some time and some rose petals also in the bath would be awesome. By listening my favorite songs, by closing my eyes I will relax.

After all this I take head bath and just relax for some time and ready for the next home chores with fully pampered, rejuvenated and relaxed..

Hope you all will like my idea..
Thank you,

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