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Coconut Milk and Scrub DIY for winter-Dry Skin's Best Home Remedy

Solve Your Dry skin and Hair Problem with Coconut Milk and Scrub DIY for winter
Hello Beauties,
I am getting emails and messages often that “I have dry skin problem, or dry Hair problem or both problem”, Please suggest me some good home Remedy or Body Lotions etc. I was replying regularly, but suddenly an idea came to my mind. Yeah, this coconut milk treatment, it is my mom’s best home remedy which she was doing this method for her and me before my marriage. 

Dry skin care and remedies
Coconut Milk and Scrub DIY for winter-Dry Skin's Best Home Remedy
I know most of us have this dry skin and hair problem especially during winter season. Whatever body lotions and skin butters we use for skin, they will gives us a temporary relief from dry skin problem. Same as like for hair whatever hair serum or hair cream or conditioners we use, they only give us shot term results. I know so many of us running out of time to do such effective home remedies which can save our money and can give us great results.

But doing such remedies by spending a little extra time will make us feel great with no side effects. Let us see this home Remedy in details…

Coconut Milk for Dry skin and Hai Care Problem:
How to Prepare Coconut Milk and Scrub:
Ingredients Needed:
It is very simple method and the things you will need are very few…
Coconut – 1
A cup to collect the milk
A plate to collect the coconut remnants after drain the milk from it
A grinding mixer Jar

Preparation Method:
The coconuts are easy get in any vegetable market. It will cost like 10 to 20 Rs depends on the size you buy. You will need only one coconut for each time when you do this method. Take the coconut and break it into two pieces (Thank God no not in your enemy’s head, use a stone to break, ofcourse I feel sometime to break this coconut on my enemy’s head) ROFL. After that cut the coconut into small pieces and put them in a grinding mixer jar. Make sure the grinding mixer jar is very clean.
It is because we use the grinding mixer jar to grind masala with chilli sometime. Think if we use the jar without proper cleaning after grinding a masala mixer. We will end up by shouting inside the bathroom because of the chilli irritation ROFL. So, please make sense on this point.

Add a little water to grind the coconut. After grinding the coconut well, take the juicy coconut extract in a bowl. Now heat a glass of water and slowly add this warm water in the coconut extract and squeeze it well. Now collect the white coconut milk in a cup. Now you have two things the coconut milk and the coconut extract. 

Apply the coconut milk on your scalp and massage it gently all over the scalp, also apply it on your hair well. Now make a bun and cover your hair and scalp by a shower cover completely. Now apply the rest coconut milk all over the body. You can use an old cotton slip when you are doing this method. I found this method is better than messy oil massage.

After one hour take the coconut extract with you when you are going to take bath. Wash your hair by using a mild herbal shampoo. Now after taking bath scrub your whole body by using those coconut extract. Leave it on your body for 10 to 15 minutes. Now wash your body completely with only plain water and Pat it dry (I agree cleaning the bathroom after this process is a pain: p ROFL).

Viola!!! Girls watch your hair and skin is glittering and glowing and yeah now you will feel the heaven of softness and smoothness on your skin. Do you want to apply moisturizing lotion? I know you won’t and you will not in need of those things. Choose weekend if you are student and working women for this DIY method, because you will need more than 3 hours for this method. But, totally worth for the time you are spending for this method.

If you can repeat this method weekly twice, your skin will improve a lot and you can say bye for your dry skin and hair problems. It is Because, Coconut is rich in Anti-oxidants, Vitamin A & E and it has good cholesterol which totally good for skin and hair. Coconut is best for so many skin and hair care problems. Hope you will like this DIY and love to do so.

PS: If you are allergic to Coconut do a patch test before doing this method. I am not responsible if you ate all coconut while making pieces and end up eating all coconut, missing the DIY to do so and so...(Because I and my kid use to do this always). Spending less than 15 to 20 Rs and three hours per week will make you gorgeous. 

Stay Gorgeous…
With Love Radha…

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