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Best Home Remedies for Dry and Chapped lips for Winter

Hello Beauties,
Obviously in this winter our lips need special attention and care. Lips are made up of very soft tissues and they are very delicate too. They are first thing to get affected by the winter season easily. You dry lips indicates you always the arrival of winter season. So we all need to take care of our lips well in winter.

Lips will look dull and dry. We all are using lip balm all over the season to avoid such conditions. But, you may need a lip balm application often in winter. 
Lip care from home
Best Home Remedies for Dry and Chapped lips for Winter
Most of the Lip balms are mixture of chemicals which are harmful for our health when they used often. Today I am going to share some useful tips to avoid lip balm application often. Also you can maintain beautiful lips in a simple way. Let’s see the Home Remedies for maintaining soft and rose lips easily…
Aloe vera Gel:
I am telling about the plant here not the gel which is available in the market. If you have fresh Aloe vera plant in your home, take a part of aloe vera plant and break it in to two parts. You can see the gel like liquid coming from the broken part of aloe vera plant. Rub that gel on your lips well and massage for five minutes. Do this twice daily to solve your dry lips problem.

Rose Petals:
Take 3 spoonful of Glycerine or Milk in a small bowl; now soak few rose petals in the milk or glycerine for two hours. After two hours take the rose petals and grind them by using your own fingers or stone. Now apply that paste on your lips well and massage. Do repeat this method thrice a day to get rose bud like lips.

We knew it well that honey is a good moisturizer. Honey is the best remedy for dry chapped lips to cure them. Apply and massage honey on your lips often will helps you to cure the chapped lips easily. Mix honey with glycerine and apply it on your lips before going to bed.

If you have lips that tend to get dried easily, take cucumber slices and rub them on your lips often to hydrate them naturally. This will prevent your licking the lips habit easily. Because licking your dry lips will dry up your lips more.

Coconut Oil:
Applying coconut oil on your lips will gives you soft lips always. Coconut oil therapy for lips is very effective and results will be very good. Apply coconut oil on your lips and massage it softly and leave it all over the night on your lips for best results.

Castor Oil:
Castor oil is also a best remedy for dry chapped lips. Applying castor oil on the lips before going to bed will helps you to get back your soft lips soon.

I always use to say apply butter often on your lips when people coming to me with dry lips remedy question. This is my favourite remedy for dry, chapped lips always.

Last but not least drinking more water will keep your lips hydrated and soft. 

By following these home remedies you can avoid applying lip balm often and you escape from its side effects too. If you swallow these natural things will never harm your body and instead they are good for your body.

Hope you all will find these Tips useful...
Stay Beautiful...
With Radha...

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