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Beauty Secrets to be beautiful without Cosmetics

Awaken your Natural Beauty by Simple Tips:
Hello Girls,
Today I am going to tell about the basic beauty tips that we have to follow for beautiful skin and hair without spending your money much. There are lot of cosmetics and beauty products to repair your dark circles, hair fall, acne problem, pimples and blackheads etc. Still, why we are finding difficult to get the desired results with the products. It is not 100% the products fault, we also have to take care of our health and beauty regularly better than blaming products first.

Also You can save money from buying over priced makeup and skin care products by following simple secrets to make you naturally beauty.

The Beauty Secrets:
  1. Beauty Sleep
  2. Drink Lot of Water
  3. Maintain the cleanliness
  4. Choose the Right Products for Your Beauty Care
  5. Eat Healthy Diet
  6. Come out from the Stress
  7. Exercise 
  8. Never Miss CTM Routine
1. Beauty Sleep:
Everybody of us knew it very well that sleeping is very important for beautiful skin and hair. Sleeping 8 hours without any disturb is must for a beautiful skin and hair. Because during sleeping only our skin cells are getting renew and repaired. The formation of collagen which is very important for our youthful skin is also taking place during our sleeping time only. If you are not sleeping properly or late night sleep will leads so many problems like hair fall, skin dullness, pimples etc.

So, sleep well and stay beautiful with good skin and hair. Try to sleep in time and maintain a regular sleeping time. I am sure if you sleep well you will not in need of concealers or any costly eye creams :).

2. Drink a lot of Water:

This beauty secret also we knew very well that drinking 3 liters of water daily will keep your skin radiant and glow. In our body there are so many toxins will get stagnant inside the digestive system and can disturb the proper digestive process. So we need more water to wash out the toxins from our body those who makes our skin looks dull and lifeless. We must drink 3 liters of water daily to keep our skin healthy and glow. The water will completely wash out and the toxins from our body from inside and our skin looks beautiful from outside.

The water also needed for maintaining the moisture quality of the skin well. So drink water and you will not be in need of illuminator creams to make your skin radiant.

3. Maintain the Cleanliness:
This is very important for a pimple free skin and dandruff free scalp. Keeping our combs and towels clean and hygiene will help us a lot in our skin and hair care routine. Things we need to keep clean are our face towel, pillow cover, Comb, our hands. These are basic things we need to keep them always to be clean. Comb has to be cleansed on daily basis, if you have dandruff. otherwise the dandruff will never go from your scalp whatever treatment you do for dandruff, the same applies for pillow covers.

Don't touch your face often by your fingers as this may cause bacterial infection on your face. Also before going to wash your face do clean your hands every time. Face towels also have to be washed alternative days. If you have any acne or skin infection problem, better wash it everyday and use. You can avoid most of the skin and hair problems by keeping things clean. So, you may not in need of costly dandruff shampoos or acne treatments.

3. Choose the Right Products:
There may be lot of products in the market to allure the customers with too much promises. I will say don't get attracted by the products that you happens to see when you shop. You need to analyze your skin and hair type first before choosing a product for you. The second point you need to realize what is your skin and hair problem really need to be treated. There are several skin and hair types, if you choose a product which is meant for dry skin though you have oily will end up wastage of your money and you will be in frustration. 
Also don't go for fairness creams which will ruin your skin by long term use, as they are giving a bleaching effect just always. You need to moisture your skin just not bleach everyday. You can avoid most of the skin allergies and hair scalp issues by choosing the right product for you according to your skin and hair type.

4.  Eat Healthy Diet:
You knew it very well that what we are eating will reflects in our hair and skin always. If you are neglecting oily items in the name of diet, your skin and hair will become dry and lifeless. Oil is very important for our skin's natural glow and moisturization. Our skin needs some oil to keep it's elasticity and glow well. Avoiding oil in the diet one side and spending more money on the creams and body butters to get the skin glow is funny.

Same applies for all vitamins and minerals which we need to include in our diet regularly. So, don't avoid oil and try use them less in quantity. Dietitians says that avoid deep fried items and not the oil on your diet. Also the rice, it is rich in B complex vitamins which is important for hair growth and skin health. Hair fall may caused by deficiency of Vitamin B. So Include all in your diet in proper way to keep your skin and hair healthy.

6. Come out from the Stress:
Yeah!!! Stress will ruin your skin and hair health totally. Stress will disturb the sleeping pattern first which in reverse ruin the skin and hair. Stress causes hair fall and skin acne. So, make yourself to stay calm and patience always. Try to do yoga to relax yourself. Always try to understand the bad things will not be continued all time in our life. Good things will happen soon and we can't do anything by worrying about something continuously.

7. Exercise:
No. I am not going to tell that everyone of us has to go for gym to exercise. Gym is not the only way to get the perfect shape for your body. Also I am telling you to get the perfect shape to keep your skin and hair beautiful. Exercise means for me it is relaxed walking and a few front and back stretches. This is enough to eliminate the toxins via sweating, also you can burn your calories. Physical activities always keeps us energized and fit.

8. Never Miss CTM Routine:
Beauty home remedies
Beauty Secrets to be beautiful without Cosmetics
CTM means Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing, as all of you knew it already. If we do it twice regularly, we can stay beautiful always. Cleansing can be done by raw milk, toning can be done by chilled ice water and moisturizing can be done by glycerin & rose water. It is not necessary that you need to buy products for 1000 buck to do these things. The thing is how you doing CTM properly and regularly.

Hope this post is helpful for you all...
With Love Radha...

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