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Auravedic Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face wash Review

Auravedic Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face wash Review
Hello Beauties,
Have you ever used this combination to control your acne problem? Neem+Tea Tree. I have used tea tree oil for the spot treatment once upon a time to treat my severe acnes. Also I have tried Tea tree face washes from some herbal brands. Those products helped me for time being acne relief. When I received this Auravedic Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face wash for review I was bit excited to try this one. But, somehow I am hooked with AM face washes. So, I didn’t try this face wash for long time. But, when I saw my fellow bloggers good reviews on this product, obviously I got temptation to try this product. Let’s see how it turned for me…

About the product:
Face wash for oily acne prone skin
Auravedic Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face wash Review 
Auravedic Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face wash
Price         150 Rs for 50 gms
Shelf life  2 years
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Product description:


My Experience with Auravedic Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face wash:
Auravedic Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face wash comes in a sturdy plastic transparent round box with screw open white lid. The package is travel friendly, but when you try to take the face wash for use, it will become totally messy every time. One need to dig their fingers to take the face wash pulp each time.

Colour, Texture and Smell:
The colour of the ace wash looks brown in the tub and the texture is thick gel like pulp. The smell is more like tea tree oil smell with slight neem mixed smell.

My take:
This wash lathers very well totally opposite to my expectation. When I take this face wash to use in the first time, I applied it directly on my face and started massage. God!!! It became sticky and didn’t wash the face well. Later I realized I did in wrong method. After that I will take small amount of pulp and add water in the hands itself and when I rub the liquid it lathers very well. Now it is ready to wash the face.
Alas!!! This face wash totally ruined my face you know. I know it is because I have super sensitive skin. Neem and tea tree is very strong ingredients to fight against bacterial and fungal on the skin. It is totally not suitable for sensitive skin. It has totally drained the moisture form my face also caused redness. I realized these reactions after a week and then stopped using this face wash totally. My skin got normal only after 15 days.
Also this face wash made my face dark. God, I was like why I tried this face wash on my sensitive skin without second thought, how fool I am. Thank God!!!Later after stated using my regular AM face wash my face now got back to normal. So, I can’t say it’s effectiveness on the pimples and acne. Totally it is not a product for sensitive skin though you have oily skin with it.

My Likes with Auravedic Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face wash:
  • It has Natural Ingredients.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Good for problematic oily skin.
My Dislikes with Auravedic Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face wash:
  • It is totally not a product for Sensitive skin.
  • It is not a product for dry skin also.
  • This face wash dries out the skin very much.
  • Maybe oily skin can use it occasionally when they have more problems
  • This one made my skin dark.
  • Causes redness on sensitive skin.
  • Messy Package.

Final Verdict:
Auravedic Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face wash is not face wash for sensitive skin, maybe suitable for oily skin people.

Hope you will find my review useful…
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