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Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream and Green Tea Soaps Review

Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream And Green Tea Soaps Review
Review by Keerthi
Hello Beauties,
I am so excited to write a review for IBZ, my first post for this lovely beauty blog. I am Radha's friend and neighbor. I love Vivel products and using them regularly. They recently launched this two varieties Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream And Green Tea Soaps. I have tried both soaps and liked them a lot. So here I am going to share my experience with IBZ Readers....

About The Product:
Green tea soaps
Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream and Green Tea Soaps Review
Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream And Green Tea Soaps
Price 22 Rs 
Shelf life 1 year

Product Description:


My Experience with Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream And Green Tea Soaps:
Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream And Green Tea Soaps both are coming a thick paper box.

Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream And Green Tea Soaps both are smells very pleasant. I personally loved the Mixed fruit+cream fragrance very much than green tea soap, it is very girly and looks like a soap lolly pop.

My Take:
The old saying is that don't judge the book by its cover and it is applicable to most of the products that are available on the market, you get attracted by the beautiful cover and buy a soap or any other product for that matter and get disappointed most of the times and it happened to me many a times, so when choosing any soaps I've 3 main pointers,
1. Brand,
2. TFM - Total Fatty Matter,
3. Not tested on animals.
Recently I got 2 soaps from Vivel - Vivel Green Tea and Vivel Mixed Fruit + Cream. I tried them both and found them very gentle and refreshing and these two soaps come under Grade 2 of TFM (Green Tea variant has 70% and Mixed cream has 73%) which is quite good for their price of Rs. 22, I've seen some soaps which are priced highly but having low TFM, the higher TFM ensures that the soap doesn't harm your skin.
With both the soaps having Vitamin E they don't end up drying your skin rather give extra moisturizing which is really important in this winter season, personally I loved the Mixed fruit variant as it looks more girly and feels buttery smooth when used but that doesn't mean that Green tea variant is not good, it is also good in what it is supposed to do, gives you refreshing feeling after the bath. My suggestion is that I found both these 2 soaps great and recommend it to everyone as both of them has good qualities that makes a great soap and pocket friendly too!!!

My Likes with Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream And Green Tea Soaps:
  • Affordable and easily available.
  • Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream Soap is very good for dry skin and leaves skin soft.
  • Vivel  Green Tea Soap Gives refresh feeling, best for summers.
  • Lathers and cleanse the skin well.
  • Smells very nice.
My Dislikes with Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream And Green Tea Soaps:
  • Green tea soap may need moisture follow up after bath.
Final Verdict:
Vivel Mixed Fruit+Cream And Green Tea Soaps are best for their price and I will suggest the mixed fruit+cream soap for winter and the green tea soap for summer.

About The Writer:
Hello all, I am Keerthi working in a IT company and a mother of 3 year old girl. My skin is normal to dry type with fair to medium skin tone. My hair is wavy with medium length. My scalp is normal and my hair ends are dry one. 

Hope My review is helpful for you all,
Thank you for reading my review <3
With Love Keerthi...

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  1. Nicely Reviewed Keerthi (o) Thank you so much dear (k)

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  6. Worth the price and my take is the green tea soap.

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  12. Although I use only gel wash, green tea soap looks worth trying..
    Happy Sunday
    Keep in touch,

  13. The Pink one looks so cute!
    Lovely Review dear....I would love to give these a try! :)

  14. Nice review... but havent tried this :(

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  18. Thank you so much for the lovely comments Friends :))

  19. I might just eat them :P
    Added to the wishlist :)


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