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My October Haul-Only Skincare Products

Hello Beauties,
Yeah, I hauled finally for October month, this is fully skin care only. I should call this haul as accidental haul. Yeah, I happened to go to Health and glow shop in a mall to buy a particular body spray and a shaving gel for my hubby before 10 days. Finally I ended up buying more than my hubby. I mean he bought just only one think, I bought this whole haul. Let's see what I bought from the store...

The Haul:
Skin and hair care products shopping
My October Haul-Only Skincare Products 
1. Jergens Age Defying Moisturizer 
2. Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack
3. Himalaya Herbals Neem Scrub
4. Spinz Body Spray
5. Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose
6. Lacto Calamine Renew

1. Jergens Age Defying Moisturizer:
I have read good reviews about this Jergens Age Defying Moisturizer in some famous beauty blogs and international beauty blogs. So, I wanted to try this moisturizer from long time. I saw this Jergens products at the shop and ended up buying a large bottle of this moisturizer. I am using it more than a week and loving it a lot, will share detailed review soon. I am using it for my hands, feet and etc.

2. Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack and Neem Scrub:
Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack became my HG face pack, because my skin's major problem is pimples. This face pack helps me a lot to control my pimples. As winter has arrived already, still my skin singing the summer oily story. So I have to stock this face pack. I have heard good reviews about the himalaya herbals neem scrub. So wanted to give a try on this product and bought this with the face pack.

Read Himala Herbals Neem Face Pack Review Here

3. Spinz Body Spray:
I love body spray, I will pick body spray randomly to experiment different fragrances. So there is no special reason behind it's purchase.

4. Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose:
I must say this lip butter is coming a round in the beauty bloggers world through good reviews. I am tempted to try this product from when I saw the introduction post of this lip butters few month back. I am about to buy caramel, but the girl told me this one is better than caramel. So I bought this one, using it and loving it. Detailed review coming soon...

I hate this sales girls over there in the shop, because I wanted to buy caramel flavour, but they gave me this Rasperry rose one.

5. Lacto Calamine Reneu:
I am not fond of lacto calamine products. Still this cream got good reviews in some blogs. So far I didn't see any bad reviews about it. So, I just wanted to give a try on this product. I have started  using it already. What to say? it is too early to predict that this cream is good or bad. I didn't find any good or any bad. I have to wait at least 20 more days to see the exact results.

That's all Girls...
Hope you all liked this haul...
Happy weekend... Radha <3


  1. Great haul! I love the Nivea lip butters.

  2. OMG, what great products you got, I've heard great things about Jergens body lotion, wanted to try it for so long and you also will love it.

  3. Nice haul, :) i want to try the Nivea lip butter soon...

  4. I agree with the one above me, I have been wanting to try the Nivea lip butter because I've heard so many great things about it!


  5. Even I got that lip butter and lip scrub Rads! Lovely haul ^_^

  6. seeing nivea lip butter everywhere I guess It's a must buy for me and jergens body lotion is really one thing I can't miss in any season!!

  7. Amazing Products you got Rads...Waiting for Reviews Now... :)

  8. Great haul Radha!! I like Spinz body sprays they are good and rasperry Rose would be too good, i am yet to try it. :)

  9. i herard good things about Hymalaya , but i didt try it!

  10. Awesome haul darling! I so want to pick those nivea lip butters.. :) review that soon ;)

  11. Good shopping, waiting for your review of lacto calamine reneu

  12. I got the nivea lip butter too :D
    Great haul..

  13. Great haul..... good products!!!!
    Enjoy your WE darling!!!!

  14. just love nivea lip butter....

  15. Lovely skincare haul...Oh! I want that nivea lip butter too :)

  16. Great Haul Sweetie..loved everything...

  17. Hey great sweet haul babe :) I would love to try Lip Butter (k)
    Loved everything dear :)

  18. Great haul Radha :) I so want to try the nivea lip butter :*

  19. Great haul! I am so getting that Nivea lip balm! It looks so cute

  20. nice himalya products!

  21. I Also bought the lipbutter in caramel and neem scrub some days back. Yeah caramel doesn't smell good,atleast to me. Neem scrub is really good :)


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