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MUA Makeup Academy Power Pout shade Irreplaceable Review, Swatches and LOTDs

MUA Power Pout Irreplaceable 
Review By Barisha,
Hello Dolls,
I am back after a long time, I could not write any article on last month as I had exams. Thanks to god finally my exams are over and I am free. I am going to write this article on my least favourite lipstick or I should call it lip stain. I was so excited to try this after when I tried this I was extremely disappointed. Want to know why???Then keep reading my review ;) name of the product:- MUA power pout in the shade irreplaceable

About The Product:
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MUA Makeup Academy Power Pout shade Irreplaceable Review, Swatches and LOTDs

MUA Makeup Academy Power Pout shade Irreplaceable 
Price:-3 pounds (300 rs approximately)
Available in their website 

Product Description:- 
In six rich bold shades from chic nude ‘Rendes Vous’ to deep rich raspberry ‘Broken Hearted’, our new colour intense lip tints will ensure your lips will look good enough to kiss!MUA Power Pout is a lip treatment with colour intensity that relieves dry, cracked lips providing immediate moisturisation. The handy pencil-style applicator provides easy to apply sheer soft lip colour and rolls up for easy use. Ensure you have the most kissable lips this spring and kisses they will remember forever.

Available in shades Rendez Vous, Irreplaceable, Crazy in Love, Runway, Justify and Broken Hearted

Availability:- availability is a big problem, we Indians can buy this from MUA official website. Though they do not deliver products to many cities including Kolkata.I bought my power pout from samannita at a very low price. 


I tried to click pictures of the ingredients list but due to glossy finish of the packaging the pictures comes little hazy.

My Experience with MUA Makeup Academy Power Pout shade Irreplaceable:
It comes in a twist up packaging. Which is easy to use.the color of the pack is exactly like the color of the lipcolor.

It’s a beautiful pink colour with blue undertone, this colour looks extremely horrible or wheatish skin beauties. But if they are available near your place then you can try this and buy, but if u have dusky skin and going to order this from online site, then please stay away from this there is 99% chance that it might not suit you.

The texture is nice, but it melts crazily in humid condition, so better you keep this at glides on lips easily and lips look smooth and nourished after every use.

It is decently pigmented.2 swipes would be enough to cover pigmented lips.

Staying power:
It stays on my lips for 3-4 hours then it fades evenly leaving a light pink tint. I am not at all fond of this colour as I have wheatish skin tone.but I like the tint, it looks very natural.

Its not smell free, but the smell is not disturbing.

Pros of MUA Makeup Academy Power Pout shade:
• Beautiful color for fair skinned girls.
• Nice staying power.
• Shimmer free.
• Smells ok.
• Great pigmentation.
• Affordable.
• Looks glossy after application.
• Non-drying.
• Moisturize lips well.
• I quite like the packaging.

Cons of MUA Makeup Academy Power Pout shade:
• Availability.
• Will suit only fair skinned girls.
• Melts crazily.
• Prone of breakage.

Will I repurchase this again??
No, currently I have lots of lip color as I am not happy with the color,I will not buy this again.

My ratings:-3/5

About The Writer:
Name:- barisha
Hair color:- black
Hair type:- straight

Hope you liked my Review 
Bye bye all
see you all in my next review.


  1. x-) lovely Review Barish This kinda shades won't suits for medium skin tones mostly ;( but I love the shade very much on you (f)

  2. I have one too in a summer color like orange, I dont remember the name right now, I think it's good but it went so melt down in the summer and then I gave up on it! The color looks good on your lips!!
    kisses doll

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  3. Replies
    1. yes gowmi i really love the tint it gives :)

  4. this shade will suit me.. bt the fact it melts me dnt like.. nice review i liked it (h)

    1. thnx natasha
      it melts crazily,dats y will nnever repurchase it

  5. Beautiful shade dear :)

  6. I liked the shade though it wonnt be a best match for my medium skin.. wsh the formula was a bit better I still liked it!!
    Ncely reviewed Barisha and pretty lip swatches.. :)

    1. me too liked the shade bt it did nt suit me :(
      thanx poo

  7. Lovey Lip Swatch Barisha!

    I think this would wash me out but it looks so very pretty on you... :)

  8. Its a very pretty color! Looks good on you!

  9. Lovely review dear :)) The shade looks so yummy and wearable :))

    1. thnx api
      this color wud look gr8 on u as u r whte skinned galgal :P

  10. Lovely shade looking good on you!

  11. It's a pretty shade, loved the swatches :)

  12. I really love the color of this gloss <3
    I use so much lipstick of this shade!


  13. Wow lip swatches. The shade is looking stunning on ur lips!

  14. Hi Brisha, this shade is so pretty and looking gorgeous on your lips. Happy Diwali to you my dear <3

    1. thanx a ton rakshanda :)
      happy diwali to you too honey

  15. This shade super pretty and the package is also looks super cute. It looks awesome on you Barisha... :D

    1. yes gayatri everythng is good apart from the formula it melts crazily
      thnx for ur compli dear :)

  16. Pretty color <3


  17. It melts that easily, in Delhi weather it will melt in a day..
    Keep in touch,

  18. Great review beautiful color.

  19. Nice review! I also love the shade :) I will definitely purchase one. I really hope that it will also look good on me.

  20. Packaging is pretty but the shade is not for me :) Nice review dear!!


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