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Inglot Freedom Lipstick Refill Shade 49 Review, Swatches and LOTD

Hello Friends,
We girls are always mad after pink lipsticks always. One fine day I bought this Inglot Freedom Lipstick Refill Shade No 49 with friend's recommendation. Actually I bought one more lipstick refill and an eye shadow refill with this one that day. We all girls mostly have this Inglot Freedom Lipstick Refills for their pigmentation and staying power. I can say if you want a budget buy best lipsticks and eye shadows, simply invest in Inglot. So, let us see how this shade 49 looks on me and the review too...

About The Product:
Best Lipsticks for party and bridal wear
Inglot Freedom Lipstick Refill Shade 49 Review, Swatches and LOTD
Inglot Freedom Lipstick Refill Shade 49
Price 300 Rs for 1.2g but I bought it for 250 Rs now they hiked the price 
Shelf life 12 months after opening 

Product Description:
Nothing else I saw in this package :O


My Experience with Inglot Freedom Lipstick Refill Shade 49:
Inglot Freedom Lipstick Refills generally comes in a palette, but we can buy a refill alone too. The refill comes in a round small silver plate which is covered by a thick transparent sheet.

The Shade, staying power and Pigmentation:
In Sunlight
With Flash
Do I have to say that Inglot lipsticks has super pigmentation??? It has awesome pigmentation and this shade 49 especially very much pigmented for my dark lips. It moisturize the lips very well. This shade is bright and bold pink with plum undertones. In sunlight it looks very dark pink and in the flash light looks like a beautiful pink. You can see the difference in my LOTD pictures. This lipstick stays on my lips for more than 6 hours and later leaves a beautiful pink stain.

My Take:
Actually I bought this lipstick without any intention, I mean with no interest. Because I hate bright shades in lipsticks. I always go for nude shades more. This shade looks like a Vampy pink on my lips, I mean very bold look. It can be used for bridal makeup more than normal use. All I can say this shade is a party wear shade. Finally I found a method how to wear this lipstick. After applying this lipstick I use to tab it by a tissue paper and will slightly wipe it off. Then it will gives a light pink tint, which looks very pretty. Anyways I am not using it mostly.
May be other girls who loves dark shades will love this shade. But I am sure this shade is not a daily wearable one. Otherwise it is a pretty dark pink shade suitable for all skin tone. I have a slight doubt that this shade may look more bright on the fair skin tones. This is best suitable for dusky, medium to fair girls. 

More LOTDs & Swatches:

My Likes with Inglot Freedom Lipstick Refill Shade 49:
  • Good staying power.
  • Leaves a beautiful Pink stain on the lips.
  • Can be used as a lip stain.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Moisturize the lips well.
  • Spreads evenly on the lips.
  • Doesn't settles on the lips's fine lines.
  • Beautiful plum pink shade.
  • Must have shade for bold and bright shade lovers.
  • Can be used for bridal makeup.
My Dislikes with Inglot Freedom Lipstick Refill Shade 49:
  • Not a daily wear shade.
  • Available only at Inglot shops or at majorbrands online shop.
Final Verdict:
Inglot Freedom Lipstick Refill Shade 49 is bright and bold plum pink shade, those who love to wear such shades can go for it without second thought.

Hope my review is helpful for you all...
Please drop your beautiful comments...
With love Radha...


  1. very beautiful shade radha , i agree bit darker but perfect for winters

    1. Thank you Rami...Where were you been now a days ;( Missed you dear...
      Yeah perfect winter shade though $-)

  2. pretty shade!! I need to get more inglot :)

    1. Great Decision I appreciate it Ashu (h) we girls always like that :>) you know what I am gonna hop some more from Inglot :-)

    2. haha, shopaholic Hi5!! :P :)

  3. Radha, it's the perfect shade for winters! :) It looks great on you!!

    1. Ohhh yeah it is a perfect shade foe winter you know what here in my place I cant wear such shades ;-(
      Thank you hun :))

  4. The shade is looking beautiful for some special occasions and you are rocking it gal :)

  5. You have the hottest lips girl! So luscious. Ok, I am speaking like a guy now..... Can't help, such prettiness.

    1. Wow You made my Day girl :D (f) Thank you much dear

  6. Though dark its perfect for winters ..i guess!
    The shade is beautiful!

  7. the color is quite dark for me....well looks great on you dear...
    keep in touch

  8. lovely pink! looks good on your lips

  9. lovely Pink and looks good on your lips

  10. Wow! Those are such brilliant colours! They look great!

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  11. It's a very beautiful Pink!! Looks lovely on you Radha! :)

  12. Gorgeous shade.. It actually looks lovely on you Radha.. I think I need to try one of these inglots shades now :-)

    1. Yeah do try them Nilu they are really worth :D Thanks dear

  13. It's a very pretty shade, looks good on you Radha, lovely :)

  14. this pink color is gorgeous,,, u must wear it often :d
    nice review Radha (h)

  15. It is a pretty shade I like it.

  16. its very pretty :) and nice lip swatches radha :)

  17. gorgeous shade...looks pretty on u!

  18. The shade looks Killer on you Rads <3
    Sexy Lip Swatches :*

    1. Thank you sweets :) Yeah Vipu you if I wear this shade in my area people will laugh at me :p

  19. The shade is just rocking :))) Loved the LOTD and the review :)

  20. Shade is soo beautiful n pretty n Hawtt lip swatches

  21. Lovely shade Rads! Ur lip swatches are making this shade look prettier :)

  22. gorgeous shade...looks lovely on you Radha :)

  23. A very pretty and flattering shade!

  24. Such a pretty shade Radha :) You said it right that if we want good and affordable lipsticks, then just simply invest in Inglot :)


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