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Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick - 53 Rusty Rose Review, Swatches and LOTD

Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick - 53 Rusty Rose Review
Hello Girls,
All of you who regularly follows our new beauty products info will be aware of that Faces cosmetics has recently launched Ultra Moist Lipstick range with 18 awesome shades. I got one beautiful shade for review that is called "Rusty Rose" , I will call it "Coral Rose" . I never tried any coral lipsticks and this is my first one and too got in time. Yeah it is exactly a fall season shade and I am loving it. I love Faces cosmetics lipsticks generally. Let's see the Review in detail...

About The Product:
Best coral lipsticks
Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick - 53 Rusty Rose Review, Swatches and LOTD
Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick - 53 Rusty Rose 
Price 449 Rs for 4.5 gm
Shelf life 3 years

Product Description:
For the complete product description and shades availability check IBZ's Products info Post of
PR Info-FACES Cosmetics launches Ultra Moist Lipsticks in 18 new exciting shades


My Experience with Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick - 53 Rusty Rose:
Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick comes in a thin black small cardboard box. The lipstick case is comes in a cylindrical black one, which is similar to their faces cochic lipsticks range package.

The Texture & Smell:
The texture is creamy and thick and the smell is ditto faces cochic lipstick's weird smell. But the smell goes off after few minutes.

The Shade and the Pigmentation:
The shade name is "Rusty Rose" , when I swatch it on my hand the lipstick shows a tint of pink with rusty red. But when I applied it on my lips, it looks completely different like coral mixed with rose shade. I can see the coral colour is dominant here, so it is a shade of coral with pink tint lipstick . The pigmentation is super awesome.

The Staying Power:
The lipstick stays on the lips for 4 to 5 hours with taking small snacks and drinking water(slight lip services). But with heavy meals you need to reapply after 2 to 3 hours. I never seen any lipstick stays on the lips after a heavy meal. We ended up eating the lipstick too... is it? I would say this lipstick stays for pretty good time and leaves a beautiful coral tint after fading off.

My Take:
I am in complete love with this lipstick and especially with this coral rose shade. The lipstick shade in the bullet looks dark dusty rose exactly what they mentioned in the shade name. But, when I swatch it on the hand it looks lighter than shade we are seeing in the bullet and completely transfers to coral rose shade when I apply on my lips.
This Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick - 53 Rusty Rose lipstick covers my pigmented lipstick very well and it's creamy texture moisturize the lips very well (ofcourse it is ultra moist). Completely worth for the price when we compare with it's quality, this shade can brighten up any dull face and believe me I didn't wear any makeup in this FOTDs.

My Likes with Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick - 53 Rusty Rose:
  • Lovely coral rose shade.
  • Will suits for most of the skin tones in India.
  • Stays for 4 to 5 hours with light lip service.
  • Moisturizes well.
  • Creamy texture gilds on the lips easily.
  • Awesome pigmentation.
  • Bright and lovely shade.
  • Doesn't bleeds.
  • Ultra moist as they claim.
  • Gives luscious lips. 
  • Goodness of Shea butter, Almond and jojoba oil.
  • It has subtle golden shimmers (I think) but it is not shown much on the lips and gives beautiful glossy look.
My Dislikes with Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick - 53 Rusty Rose:
  • This shade may washout dusky skin.
  • Availability.
  • Transfers slightly. 
Final Verdict:
Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick - 53 Rusty Rose is a must have shade for medium, light skin tone girls, would not suitable for very dark skin girls. They have awesome 18 shade collections to choose. Get one for you girls, I am sure you will love it. This shades can be dupe for MAC shades.

Hope My Review is useful for you all,
Thank for reading and please share your comments,
With Love Radha..

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  1. wow!!!
    such a gorgeous shade. this can be used everyday.

  2. Your looks are killing me Radha, you are looking gorgeous in this shade and overall, lovely review ;)

  3. the shade is really pretty and suits you so well :) (k) (h)

  4. Looks good on you Rads :) not sure on me ... Nice review <3

  5. That's a beautiful shade Radha, looking great on you! :)

  6. wow!!! Very pretty color. Suits you a lot Radha! :)

  7. are looking gorgeous darling....shade suiting you well. I can also try it :)

    1. Thank you sweety (f) You should try this shade will look amazing on you :))

  8. Cute shade my dear, love it on you <3


  9. Indeed a wearable shade. I got the shade in pretty pink!

  10. wow..such a pretty shade...lovely n hawt lip swatches babes <3

    my recent one :

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    I would love your participation in BeautynBuzz giveaway hun :) <3

  12. Beautiful shade and you look pretty with it.

  13. The shade is beautiful and suites you.. :)
    It looks very moist as the name suggests
    Have a wonderful week
    Keep in touch,

    1. Thank you so much Pooja :D
      Yeah it is do try it hun

  14. Great color ^^


  15. I have this color too. I love it. Its really suits on your face but the little pimple on your chin is quite noticeable. Sorry if you mind but its true.

    1. Hahhaha no problem Hira yeah I can't help it :p mine is acne prone and always I will be with pimple :D

  16. The shade looks charming on you Rads <3 .. I simply <3'ed it on you :)
    Great review as always dear :)

  17. Oh such a gorgeous color! Looking pretty on your lips! Have a wonderful week honey <3

  18. A little confused how the shade really looks. Looks so different in different lighting.

    1. yeah but the pictures which I shared here my Lotds are real one :D

  19. wow such a pretty shade! it suits you so well :) nice review <3

  20. Omgsh Such a beautiful shade ! I'm getting this one
    btw lovely pictures and swatches :)

  21. i would love to try faces products..nice review rads

  22. the shade looks pretty on u... i might try it out :)

  23. Nice shade Rads,, and nice lip swatches,,, looking sweet in the pic (f) :)

  24. You look pretty without makeup :-*
    I don't want to talk about the shade :P

  25. This is a pretty shade Radha :) suits u so well <3 btw I din know that u had a wonderful blog.. following u now :)

    1. Hi Rekha I am glad that you liked my blog dear :) Thanks a lot


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