Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Decorate your Jewels with Gempundit

Hello Dolls,
This post is going to be Jewellery related differs from beauty topic. We girls always like jewels with colourful stones. This Gems Jewels available at online store . They have wide range of gem collections to choose for us. Some of us use to wear some particular Gems according to our sun sign. We always use to search at Jewellery shop for gems and particular gem jewels. This online store made this searching easy and we can find our particular gem jewels in this store itself easily when we are just sitting at home.

About the Website: provides loose gemstones and coloured gemstones jewellery online. They have all kind of gemstones and gem jewellaery in their website to shop online. They have more than 40 varieties of gemstones to choose for us. 

Their Shipping Policy: has free shipping facility for the 10 countries India, USA, Singapore, Nepal, Qatar, UK, Bahrain, UAE, Bhutan and Oman. They use to offer free shipping for the 230 countries who orders above 10,000 INR. They have live chat facility for the customers to help them in a right way.

Gempundit Gem Jewel Collections:

They have wide range gem stone collections like following categories...
 They are easy to choose for the customers which they want to particularly. They have Gem stones rings, pendants and bracelets collections. 

They have detailed explanation about each and every gem stone on their website for us to understand and choose right gem for us. They are attractive and wide rage of collections to choose from. 

They have exclusive collections of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Stone). The Yellow Sapphire benefits are very interesting like this is exclusive for women for their good marital life  etc.

Hope this post will be helpful for you all...

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  1. This site looks super cool, will try it sometime :)

  2. Gorgeous doll, love these gems *-*


  3. They all beautiful.

  4. Just saw their site... Its nice..Thanks for the review Radha :)

  5. Beautiful gems but looking at the price, I shall just admire them.

  6. Looks a great site .. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Rads :)
    Checking it out straight away .. Nice review sweets :*

  7. This looks like a good site, will check it out. :)

  8. Wow would definitely check this out :)

  9. Looks great!! I will check out! :)


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