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Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Heavenly Rose Review, Swatches and LOTD

Review By Barisha:
Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Heavenly Rose Review
Hello Darlings,
Today I am going to review one of the best matte lipstick available in Indian market,I do have lakme 9-5 range and of course I have colorbar matte lipsticks but this one is perfect matte. To know more keep reading the review...

About The Product:
Pink lipsticks for Indian skin tone
Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Heavenly Rose Review, Swatches and LOTD
Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Heavenly Rose
price:- 550 for 4 ml.
Available in offline beauty stores, also in online

Product Description:
Chic, attractive metallic packaging with a transparent center is now the flowing lipstick for you. With a simple twist, the brush-tipped fluid lipstick allows for precise and easy application encompassing the creaminess of a solid lipstick. The stay-on formula perfects the hold of colour on the lips making it transfer proof and untraceable on an exterior surface. With less touch-ups, a featherweight texture and more shades to choose from, Chambor’s ‘Flowing Lipstick Stay-on Color’ is a must have beauty accessory packaged with elegance and poise.

Jojoba Oil which Nourishes and Moisturizes the lips throughout the day. Shea Butter, which nourishes and conditions the lips. Vitamin A & Vitamin – E.

My Experience with Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Heavenly Rose:
It comes in a silver tube,no doubt the packaging is damn classy.it comes it a twist up packaging,the packaging is similar to lakme aquashine which is also a liquid lipstick the only difference is chamber has brush applicator whereas lakme has sponge applicator.

True matte mauve shade.going to look fabulous on wheatish skin tone,it might look little pale on fair skinned girls and it will surely wash out dark skinned beauties.

Being a liquid lipstick it is extremely pigmented, all you want is one swipe to cover even super pigmented lips. Being matte it does not feel dry on my normal lips.if you have super dry skin use this with lip balm.

Staying power:-
Stays on my lips even after having heavy meals.after 5-6 hours it fades slowly and evenly.it does not leave any tint,

It is almost smell free.the best thing about the lipstick (apart from the shade and texture)the brush tip.its just
awesome, some people use brush to apply lipstick(I don’t belong to this category).as this lipstick comes with brush applicator you don’t need to use brush or lip liner separately.

Pros of Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Heavenly Rose:
• Packaging
• Comes with brush applicator.
• Superb colour.
• Truly matte.
• Beautiful shade.
• You can wear this in office as well as in evening parties with different eye makeup.
• Staying power.
• Does not feel dry on my lips.
• Fades evenly.
• Almost smell free.
• It does not feel heavy on lips.

Cons of Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Heavenly Rose:
• The only con I found is the price.550 is not a matter f joke specially for college students like me.
• Might not look good on very dark or very fair skinned girls.

My ratings:-
4.9/5(-.1 for the cons)

Will I recommend this to others???
yes, if you love matte lipsticks don’t miss this.

Will I buy this again?
will try other shades from this range.

About The Writer
Hi everybody I am Barisha from west Bengal,student of clinical nutrition,I love experimenting with different makeup products.
skin type:-combination-acne prone
hair color:- black
hair type straight

hope you find this review helpful, thank you all for reading
good bye take care 


  1. x-) this lipstick looks very pretty on you (f) Lovely Review Barish (h)

    1. thankooooz radha :)
      try this will look fab on u

  2. thats a damn pretty shade, great lip swatches dear :)

  3. Packaging is so classy. Ur lip swatches sold it Barisha :)

  4. Barisha, again a beautiful shade, looking lovely on u

  5. Looks lovely Barisha...nice review

  6. Nicely reviewed Barisha and this shade looks lovely on you.

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  8. Barisha, the swatches are lovely!!! it looks so pretty on you!! :)

  9. Nice shade Barisha! lovely lip swatches!

  10. Arey, such a pretty shade and lip swatch ! (k)
    Everything is okay, except for the price.. :-t

    1. thank u chinki ji :)
      price is bit high bt trust me it worth every penny

  11. Beautiful shade Barisha.. Looks pretty on you.. Great review dear :-)

  12. Love the shade! SO pretty Barisha.

  13. Wow it's def a great product and I wanna find it!
    Cute shade!



  14. Nice review. Shade looks pretty :)

  15. Beautiful shade it look great on you. Keep in touch.

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  18. Chambor makes amazing lipsticks.. loved the shade <3

  19. Beautiful colour and beautiful swatches :)

  20. I love chambor khol, need to try lipstick too
    Nice color
    Keep in touch,

  21. I've never been able to gauge the right amount of turns to get the right amount of product out. Nice colour.


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