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Biotique Green Apple Frequent Use Cleanser for Hair & Scalp Review

Review By Gayathri
Hello Friends,
I’m back again with a review here and this time it’s a Biotique product. I tried this sample of Biotique green apple frequent use cleanser for hair & scalp. Without wasting much time here I’m jumping to the review directly.

About The Product:
Best herbal shampoos
Biotique Green Apple Frequent Use Cleanser for Hair & Scalp Review
Biotique Green Apple Frequent Use Cleanser for Hair & Scalp 
Price: Rs.85.00 for 120ml

Product Description:
Biotique Green apple is a refreshing cleanser formulated for frequent use. Contains Apple extract along with Sea Algae and Centella. Every day use dose not affect pH balance of the hair. Biotique Green apple nourishes the scalp with natural minerals and proteins also cures scalp problems.

Directions for Use
• Take an adequate amount of this cleanser on your palm.
• Apply the cleanser to hair and scalp.
• Massage gently in circular motion, using your fingertips and palms.
• Rinse off.

Chinai Ghas(Gelidium amansii) 1.0%, Manduk parni (Centella asiatica) 2.0%, Shikakai (Acacia concinna) 1.0%, Ghritkumari (Aloevera barbadensis) 1.0%, Seb (Pyrus malus) 2.0%, Badam tail (Prunus amygdiaus oil) 1.0%, Sodium lauryl sulphate 10.5%, Nariyal tail (Cocos nucifera oil) 2.0%, Himalayan water
Details Taken from snapittoday.com

My Experience:
Product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with screw type green cap. The product is visible from outside. The sticker outside is of paper and so up on use it gets removed slowly. I don’t like such stickers. Also the bottle looks good but it isn’t travel friendly. The product reached me leaking. When I opened the parcel, I found lots of the product leaked.
Along with it I also got biotique bubble bath which was also packed similarly. Even that leaked and there was foam on all the products. So I won’t recommend these biotique products packed in such products for travel anyway. It’s better to buy them offline in a store and keep it in your bathroom. That’s it. Coming to the main product, it smelled nice. I like it.

It also seems a herbal one. I especially liked the green color which tempted me to use it. It foams well and is very gentle on scalp and hair. It cleanses very effectively. With one wash I observed clean scalp and hair. It’s suitable to all types of hair but mostly to oily hair since it removes the oil well. I prefer using a leave in conditioner with this product. It can be used frequently as the name itself says. Prefer using every alternate day. Since the product is also budget friendly you an easily go for it.

My Likes with Biotique Green Apple Frequent Use Cleanser for Hair & Scalp:
• Affordable
• Availability
• Gentle cleanser
• Lovely color and fragrance
• Cleanses scalp effectively
• Removes oil well
• Doesn't dry hair

My Dislikes with Biotique Green Apple Frequent Use Cleanser for Hair & Scalp:
• Leaks easily and lots of product loss
• Not at all travel friendly

Rating: 4/5

Final Words:
Biotique Green Apple Frequent Use Cleanser for Hair & Scalp is the best hair cleanser for daily use which is herbal formulated and mild for oily scalp especially. So, do try it Girls.

About The Writer:
Hi Everyone...
This is Gayatri of www.indiangirlsera.com. Radha's IBZ was one of those blogs I saw and read almost everyday at my initial blogging stage. In simple words I'm a bubbly type happy going girl. People say I'm so sensitive but I think I'm strong. Day by day I always get to learn new things, get inspired from my lovely blogger friends and I do sometimes silly yet good experiments with my blog. Now I'm also loving to write for IBZ <3. My skin is combination type and dusky in complexion with wavy little dry long hair.

Hope you will find this review useful...
Stay Bless...
With Love Gayu...


  1. This sounds really good. I was in search of herbsl shampoo for a long time. Thanx for the review :)

  2. I tried it out a year back and suffered from severe hair fall since it's filled with high sulphate content i hope so.. Nice review :)

    1. Oh really... I dunno dear cuz I din get that prob. :/

  3. This looks good :)

  4. I highly dislike the dumb Biotique packagingss. though the product looks nice ..:)

  5. I havent seen this but i think its quite promising...
    I am personally inviting you to enter my sunglasses giveaway, do check it out.
    Keep in touch,

    1. Ya it is. Thanks for the invitation dear...

  6. I don't like their packing, Nice review Radha.

  7. I love using herbal hair products, i would like to try it sometime... Nice review Gayatri...:)

  8. Amazing review Gayu, never heard about this product!



  9. Nice review!! :) Biotique products dont suit me! :(

    1. Oh...
      Well their creams don't suit my face skin but I think their soaps and others are ok. It's a good product at least for me. :)

  10. Sounds like this is really good except for the leaking bit. THanks for sharing this review and for your comment on my blog! Have a good day!

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

    1. Ya and so i prefer buy it directly from the market now on. While shipping it leaks...

  11. Beautiful review. This cleanser looks nice.

  12. Great review, this cleanser sounds good!!!!
    Kisses darling!

    1. Blush blush... hehe Thanks Paola...

      Kisses <3

  13. I am loving the fragrance and its a good review. Again, its one of those we can't get over here.

  14. Thanks for sharing! It seems a great product! I'll have to try it! :)

  15. I used to use this shampoo. Very mild. Like you said the packaging is very bad. Even the new packs aren't great.

  16. this is really nice,, good review dear :)

  17. looking decent product

  18. I used this one recently. It worked well for my oily hair. Really liked it.
    Nicely reviewed :)


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