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Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Lotion SPF 15 Review and Swatches

Review By Swati
Hello Beauties,
Once upon a time, there was a girl who thanked her one and only fairness cream that had the super marvelous power to give her that super bright, instantly glowing skin!!! that is all that she wanted. As the days passed on,that girl become more curious about makeup and started doing experiments. Later on, as she grew her choices was different, but then her wish was always the same, that is to get perfectly bright and glowing skin. Now after all her experiments she is again thanking one of the products that gave her what she wishes for,WONDER what? Undoubtedly that is this REVLON SKINLIGHTS ILLUMINATOR. 

And this is my first post on Indian Beauty Zone, writing it for an awesome and humble lady,Radha who makes me think if she could be my own sister. I’m too excited at the same time humble to join you.

About The Product:
Best face illuminators for makeup
Revlon Skinlights Face  Illuminator Lotion SPF 15 Review and Swatches 
Revlon Skinlights Face  Illuminator Lotion SPF 15 – Peach Light Shade 
SHADE : Peach light
PRICE AND QUANTITY: Rs.850 for 45 ml
SHADES AVAILABLE: Peach light, Pink light

Product Description:
 ·  Instant luminosity from a pump. This sheer, oil-free*, lightweight skin-brightening lotion. Instantly enhances your skin instead of covering it up
·  Contains light-reflecting minerals like rose quartz,mother-of-pearl, topaz and copper
·  Brings out your skin's natural radiance
·  Wear it over bare skin for instant luminosity, or with foundation for luminosity with more coverage
·  Vitamins A, C & E and SPF 15 help improve and protect skin
·  *No animal, vegetable or mineral oil.

Key Ingredients: 
Octinoxate, Dimethicone, Mica, Titanium dioxide, Vitmin C, Fragrance

My Experience with Revlon Skinlights Face  Illuminator Lotion SPF 15 – Peach Light:
The best part about this product is its packaging. It comes in an oh - so – hygienic pump type packaging, which is totally welcome for its quick and fuss free thing, when you are in a hurry. It comes in a plastic cylindrical pump, which is very sturdy and also travel friendly. The cap shuts tightly hence no product spillage during travel.

“PEACH LIGHT” is a beige color with peach undertones. Sorry sorry I’m extremely bad at describing shades ( :P). It contains finely milled golden shimmers(not shimmers actually) to give skin an instant radiance. It is nothing too artificial or made up. SPF 15 - added bonus!

Texture and Styaing Power:
The texture of this illuminator is smooth without any gritty glitter particles. It is not too runny or thick, but in between which makes it extremely easy to use. The most important thing is that, the shimmers present in this illuminator is not over the top. It contains very very fine shimmers. Hence it gives a natural glowing healthy skin, without being artificial or made up. 
This face illuminator can be used it many ways. I mix it up with my tinted moisturizer or foundation to get a overall glowy effect. I also use it on my cheekbones, bridge of nose,forehead,cupid’s bow. What I do is, apply 3-4 dots of this illuminator and blend it well. It blends easily with the base. You can either use your fingers or a stippling brush.
I have normal-combination skin, and it stays put for a decent of 7-8hrs, but makes my nose look shiny. I think it is better to use  a compact/loose powder on top of it to make it look less oily. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on top of the skin. It looks natural and makes skin look radiant. Just a little bit of it is enough, so it will last you for a long time.

Pros Revlon Skinlights Face  Illuminator Lotion SPF 15 – Peach Light:
  •  Easy peasy tube packaging- fuss free totally
  • Smooth texture
  • Blending is so easy
  • Contains finely milled shimmers-not OTT
  • SPF 15 and oil free.
  • Makes skin naturally glowing
  • Doesn't feel heavy or greasy
  • Stays for a long time and can be used at anytime
  • Dry or oily skin- it will suit you
  • Only a little quantity is required, so probably will last for a long time
Cons of Revlon Skinlights Face  Illuminator Lotion SPF 15 – Peach Light:
  • Expensive !!!
  • The main problem- it may settle into pores if you have enlarged pores.
  • Not available easily, I have seen it only in few online stores.

Final Verdict:
Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Lotion with SPF 15 is a versatile product that can be used as a highlighter on cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow etc, and also can be mixed up with matte foundation to get an overall radiant glow. It comes in a pump type packaging which is very convenient to use. It gives skin a natural radiant glow, and the shimmers present doesn't look artificial or over the top. I think the shade will suit Indian complexions. It doesn't make skin oily or greasy. It is very easy to blend. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.

About The Writer:
Name         - Swastikaa Reddy
Skin Type   - Fair to Medium, Normal to Combination and T-Zone oily
Hair  Type   -Black colour and Wavy, dry hair.
Hi this is Chinky from Chennai, student of MBBS, a chatter box, Passionate towards painting, I like to play with colours which brought my way into the makeup world. I like to discuss about society related topics too, Nice meeting you all here...

Hope you all liked my Review...
Do share your opinions and stay Pretty...
With Love Swati...


  1. Your words touched my heart Chinku dear...Thanks a lot :)
    Lovely Review loved it dear :D

    1. So sweet Rads.. :)
      Thanks a lot ..
      Happy sunday.. :)

  2. Well written review Swati!
    But Its setting in pores is such a turn off:(

    1. Thank you :)
      Yup..That's a big turn off to me too..

  3. Loved your intro Swati and this is a nice detailed review :)

  4. Swati, this product seems to be really effective! But, availability is certainly a big issue. Nice review :)

    1. It really works..
      Its available at few online stores..
      Thank you :)

  5. Lovely review Swati!! :) I really want to try this product. :)

    1. Hey, thanks a lot Niesha :)
      You will like it..

  6. Loved the review dear! This product seems to be really doing great... :)

  7. it sounds gr8 but ya its expensive too....

    1. Yup.. I almost striked it from my wishlist, but then the tempting reviews made me try ..

  8. Nice review, Swati ;) The product looks good.

  9. I have this one and love it but same it opens up my pores and worsen the acne :(
    Beautifully reviewed dear :)

    1. Its better when used over a primer..
      Thanks a lot Vipra :)

  10. Lovely write-up <3 I have this in the same shade. Doesn't suit my oily skin but I love to use it in winters :)

    1. Hey, Preets thank you..:)
      Topping off with loose powder helps..

  11. I love it to the core. Nice review Swati :)

  12. Well written review Dear!
    I had this product on my list, now m surely buying this :)

    1. Thank you dear :)
      Get this, you will not regret..

  13. Nice and useful product with sunscreen too, Thanks for the report :)

  14. Well reviewed Chinky :) and thanks rads for publishing it! :)

    1. Hi Lan what happened to you dear? give me a call when you are free :)

  15. Nice review Swati. Its actually difficult to describe texture and shade.

    1. Thank you Shikha :)
      Ya..U r right.. I find it extremely difficult, especially the undertones..

  16. nice review dear..seems to be a great product..would love to try..

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  18. Nice review, I have large pores will skip it.

  19. nice review dear.. m nt a fan of illuminators though... nice name Chinky ;)

    1. Haa, thank you Nats :)
      You must use them.. You will fall in love with it :)

  20. Great review Radha, well written, as always!!!!
    Happy sunday!!!

  21. Nice review swati...i used to use this earlier, its a nice product...

  22. Nice review dear. Seems to be a good product :)

  23. I have this one and I love it! It is perfect for that slight glowy look :)

    1. Yeah, I love it too for the subtle effect.. :)


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