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Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Eyeliner in Metallic Silver Review

Review By Bipasha
Hi Everyone,
Today I am going to review Maybelline vivid and smooth eyeliner in metallic silver eye pencil, which I am loving currently. Recently I am obsessed with colour eye pencils and bought this Maybelline eyeliner in a Beauty store, Let us see the Review of Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Eyeliner in Metallic Silver in detail...
About the product:  
Best silver eyeliners
Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Eyeliner in Metallic Silver Review
Maybelline vivid and smooth eyeliner in metallic silver
Price : Rs 200-235 for 1.8 g (Depends from where you buy)

Product Description :

Vivid color and Smooth Application ensure that eyes will never be dull again
So easy to apply, you can now be your own make up artist!
Not mentioned
My Experience with  Maybelline vivid and smooth eyeliner in metallic silver:
Maybelline vivid and smooth eyeliners come in a long-ish sharpenable pencil form that is black in color and looks good! the back of the pencil is the color of the eyeliner itself so that makes it easy to find in your stash.The cap is transparent.
 Texture : 
The texture of this eyeliner is very smooth and creamy, no tugging or anything,it applies very smoothly on your lids. 
The shade Metallic silver is a very  pretty dark grey metallic shade,but not silver at all. It is the color of gunpowder in my opinion.  This range has a lot of shades to choose from so everybody will find a shade but since I am a neutral-kinda person when it comes to makeup and don't really like green or blue eyeliner so  this one was my best bet as it is not  an ''on your face'' kinda color.
Pigmentation and staying power:  Pigmentation is awesome,one swipe and you get the color on your lids, And it takes a minute to set completely after which it does not budge at all.It sets to an almost waterproof, smudge proof finish.  Staying power is great,It stays easily for 7 hours on me after which it fades, using a primer will make it  stay even longer.
Here is my EOTD using only this pencil (no mascara or kajal etc) as I wanted to show you all how it looks alone. Sorry it does not look very dark here but actually it is darker and prettier :)
My Likes with  Maybelline vivid and smooth eyeliner in metallic silver:
1) Beautiful gunpowder shade
2) Creamy and smooth so glides on very easily
3) Affordable
4) Staying power is great
5) Pigmentation is great,again
6) Does not smudge
My Dislikes with Maybelline vivid and smooth eyeliner in metallic silver:
1) A bit hard to remove,you will need a makeup remover,but that is a good thing,isn't it?
2) No Ingredient List.
 Final Verdict: 
Maybelline vivid and smooth eyeliner in metallic silver is a beautiful metallic dark grey shade that is creamy, pigmented and long,staying, What more do you need from an eyeliner pencil? Just go and grab it, I am planning to get more shades from this collection...
About The Writer:
Name:  Bipasha .C
Age : 21
Skintone : Medium/wheatish
Skintype: Combination/acne prone

Hope you all liked my Review...
Do share your thoughts and stay Beauty
With Love Bipasha :)


  1. looking pretty on you nice review dear

  2. Such a pretty Shade this is! I havent tried the Maybelline Studio liners at all but this looks great Bipasha!

  3. I am yet to try this your review tempting me to try it soon ;) Bips nice review you have pretty eyes <3

  4. Maybelline liners are the best budget buys. Loved the pics n the shade looks great on u!

  5. Lovely shade and nice EOTD Bipasha.. :)

  6. I had this in peacock and totally loved that color! Nice review Bipasha! :)

    1. I Have peacock too Niesha, that one is prettier :)

  7. i hv never tried these yet... wud love to... nice review

  8. Never tried this but would love to try...looks good

  9. I have tried the eyeliner and really I like it very much. Well, removing wasn't an issue because as mentioned, the remover will do the job or with olive oil

    1. Try this dear, you will love it. yes olive oil will do the job.

  10. Lovely eye-liner and perfect review darling!
    Happy sunday!

  11. I love all colors in eye liners in pencil form. So easy to apply ;)
    Your EOTD is pretty Bipasha dear :)

  12. Pigmentation looks fab, nice review :), Happy Sunday to Radha and Bipasha, xoxo.

  13. Nice review :)
    I like this shade a lot, just strange why there is no ingredients list...

  14. This looks like a great liner ! Loved the honest review
    <3 <3

  15. We don't need anything else! It's just a perfect eyeliner! It really looks nice on you! kisses
    Breakfast with Pink Diamonds

  16. Havent tried these Vivid eye liners but looke like a good choice for metallic fnish!! Looks nice on u!! :)

  17. Shade is very pretty and lovely eotd!!

  18. It looks very similar to to the charcoal eyeliner they had made few years back .. Looks good on you:)


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