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Tips & Toes Velvette Pressed Powder with SPF 15 Review

Review by Shraddha 
Hello Girls,
Hi, all girls hope you enjoying of online Beauty Giveaways :).. Today I am going to share Tips & Toes Pressed Powder with SPF 15 velvette Review which I won in the Indian Beauty Zone By - Radha
krishnakumar. I got 1st prize here, it was out of expectation received,
2 Black Hoops
2 Rings Leopard print and Pink colour.
1 Rose flower Stud
Tips & Toes Compact Powder
Golden Hair Clip

and I am loving this Tips & Toes Pressed Powder currently. Let's see the review...

About The Product:
affordable Pressed powder for daily use
Tips & Toes Velvette Pressed Powder with SPF 15 Review
Tips & Toes Pressed Powder with SPF 15 velvette 
Price 90 rs for 9 gm
Shelf life 36 months

Product Description&Ingredients:

Tips & Toes Velvette Pressed Powder with SPF 15 gives your complexion a smooth, velvette soft finish, keeping it fresh and non-shiny through the day. Added SPF 15 protects skin from sun damage. Apply on entire face and neck. Best for frequent touch-ups.

My Experience with Tips & Toes Pressed Powder with SPF 15 velvette:
Tips & Toes Pressed Powder with SPF 15 velvette comes in a pink paper open square box, inside the pressed powder case is in grey colour and in pretty round shape case with a mirror and an thin applicator powder buff.

Colour, Smell & Texture:
The shade of this pressed powder mentioned as Tropical Sunset which is suitable for fair to medium skin tone. The smell is very pleasant and I love it very much. The texture of the pressed powder is very fine and easily get absorbed by the skin.

My Take:
Tips & Toes Compact Powder is so smooth & soft touch powder. It gives radiant look on skin. It absorbs with skin tone & creates pearl look with pleasant fragrance. I just love it.I like this small compact, it's so lovely. I can take it anywhere, can give touch up to my skin whenever I need :). If you looking to buy new compact, I suggest you to buy Tips & Toes Pressed Powder with SPF 15. It's awesome & will give you best results. I'm sure you will like it :). Its dry touch and gives you natural look and make you more beautiful.
This Tips & Toes Velvette Pressed Powder with SPF 15 provides me a natural semi matte finish look which is opt for college and office going girls. They provided a thin powder applicator and mirror inside the packaging, so it makes the re-touching of this powder very easy.

My Likes with Tips & Toes Pressed Powder with SPF 15 velvette shade03 Tropical Sunset:
  • This pressed powder is very affordable
  • It has SPF 15
  • It has fine texture and easy to apply.
  • The package includes a thin puff applicator and a mirror.
  • It has lovely smell.
  • This powder brightens face.
  • It gives natural finish.
My Dislikes with Tips & Toes Pressed Powder with SPF 15 velvette shade03 Tropical Sunset:
  • The availability other than main cities, only through online
My Final Verdict:
Tips & Toes Pressed Powder with SPF 15 velvette is a best affordable and good quality compact powder for college girls. 

Hope you all like my Review
by Shraddha...


  1. nice review shradda dear.wanna try this one

  2. Liked its packaging but I do not find Tips&Toes around my place..

    1. Hi Poo GM dear :), do check it in online you may get it :)

  3. Sounds nice. Will search for this brand. Nice review Shraddha!

  4. Nice review Shraddha and this is one good product you kept for giveaway Radha :)

    1. Yeah I loved this cute pack and wanted to put for giveaway Lavanya :)

  5. Nice review Shraddha :) .. Looks a good product but I'm currently loving the RL one so would give this one a skip .. Lovely pics dear :)

  6. i would love to try this one ... good review Shraddha :)

  7. Sounds nice.. Great review.. Will check it out Radha :-)

  8. Looks good!! Nice review Shraddha!:)

  9. nice review dear looking promising product

  10. While I was blown away with the sharing by the winner, its another product I can't find here. Still, its a much loved one.

  11. Nice review. I have never used powder before, but this seems nice!
    And congrats in winning :)

  12. Great review :) I'm still on the hunt for good pressed powder for my oily skin :)

    1. Hi Shreya have you tried Rimmel Londer Pressed powder, It is my HG pressed powder do give a try this one dear :)

  13. Nice Review dear...beautiful clicks as well..

  14. great review radz! does ot control your oil really well?

    1. Hi Jees this pressed powder reviewed by shraddha and yeah it controls oil for sometime :) dear

  15. Great product! I love it so much! I'll have to try it!

  16. It looks great my dear Radha... always good tips in your posts darling!!!!

  17. Nice review Shraddha :) I will also have some freebie from Radha next time ;)

    1. Lol Charu let me know what you want, I will try to send you :)

  18. Well done with the review doll! Loved it, unfortunately I don't have access to this brand here in Greece!
    kisses from Greece


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