Thursday, August 1, 2013

Press Release - Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10

Hello Beauties,
Perfect looking skin is every woman’s desire, but are you ready to face the truth about your skin? Has your skin lost its suppleness and feels dull, dry & dehydrated? Does your skin show fine lines, uneven skin tone and dark spots along with skin darkening? Well, if these problems sound familiar, then you are one amongst many of the Indian women who are looking for a respite. This tale of weakening in the skin’s texture and quality can be reversed, with the new Vaseline Complete 10 body lotion! 

Until the age of 25, nature protects you from various skin problems, due to the skin’s amazing ability to rejuvenate itself.  The skin is equipped with a natural repair mechanism, through which older skin is replaced every few weeks. But after the age of 25, there is a slowdown in this process and the body skin starts showing inconsistency in the colour and texture in comparison to the facial skin.

While we take utmost care of our face and put in a lot of time and effort in following beauty protocols; the fact that body skin needs equal amount of care and pampering is often ignored. This nurturing is pivotal to achieve a natural glow and an even skin tone that matches the facial skin. Ignoring our body skin care can lead to evident signs of skin ageing with every passing year.  Plus there are some intrinsic factors related to modern lifestyle such as a poor diet, lack of exercise, reduction in immune function and external factors like environmental pollution, which lead to skin damage, accelerating the aging process.

Benefits of Vaseline Complete 10:
 1) Visible skin lightening over time
2) Makes the skin feel firm & tight
3) Restores the even tone of the skin
4) Visibly helps reduce fine lines
5) Protects from the UVA & UVB radiation
6) Helps renew the skin
7) Helps in the reduction of the dark marks
8) Provides intense moisturisation
9) Boosts the radiance
10) Deeply nourishes the skin

Vaseline Complete 10 body lotion helps the skin to look young and radiant as it contains essential ingredients that facilitate the skin rejuvenation process! It is infused with vitamin B3 which aids the lightening process of the tanned skin and helps in restoring an even skin tone. It also includes AHAwhich helps in boosting the moisture content and the elasticity of the skin. Besides that AHA also helps to exfoliate the dry skin cells and assists in restoring even skin tone. Plus it is topped with glycerin and lipids that make your skin look nourished and radiant.

Changes in skin start appearing due to modification in its texture which reflect in the form of thinner skin, weaker skin barrier and increased dryness. This is often caused by slower cell renewal process, slower shedding of skin cells and changes in the skin’s structural composition, which results in reduced blood and nutrient flow to the outer most layer of the skin, leading to signs of aging in the form of dullness and uneven skin tone, which become more evident!

Vaseline Complete 10 body lotion has triple sunscreens which help to protect the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. The protective layer of the lotion thereby prevents further tanning and damage to skin. 

In addition it also includes the goodness of anti-oxidants which protect from UV damage and thus help in reducing the fine lines appearing on the skin. This body lotion contains CLA, an important ingredient that helps in reducing the dark spots and assists in skin renewing process. 

The benefits sound almost never ending! So what are you waiting for, grab a bottle of Vaseline Complete 10 body lotion and welcome every approaching year with confidence that reflects not only on your face but also in your body skin. 

Available in:
100 ml at Rs. 100/-
300 ml at Rs. 325/-

Happy Vaseline Shopping 


  1. Great review babe, love how you write and explain things <3


  2. I think I love Vaseline Intensive care, almost as much as you do! Nice review sweetie
    kisses from Greece

  3. I'm waiting for this one ! Enjoyed using healthy white and coca butter :)

  4. I have such a fan o vaseline lotion but dont understand why they are so obsessesed with skin lightening..!!

  5. I haven't had the chance to try it but It seems a good product! nice review!

  6. I really like vasaline body lotion in choco but havent tried this one..

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  7. Wonderful post; I loved it!xo
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  8. Guess it's a good product. I too posted this on IGE. :D


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