Thursday, August 29, 2013

Leibster Award - The Beautiful Award

Hello Friends,
My Dear Blogger friend Poonam Jain tagged me for this wonderful Leibster Award, Thanks a lot for this wonderful award Poo dear.

Now My Answers for Poo's Questions:
1.Your current and all time Favorite Blog? (I know urs is awesome :) )
My All Blogger Friends's Blogs

Your favorite YouTube Beauty Guru?
Gossmakeupartist and Farahdhukai

How many hours do you spend on your blog?
Can not be calculated, whenever I get time I will sit in front of my Blog :p

How is your day-to-day routine and how do you combine it with blogging?
It will be big story and it is very hectic for me being a mom for 4 year old kid and a housewife. You won't believe I am doing all the house hold works A to Z. There is no maid servant. So, you can imagine how I am combining it :p.

Name one thing in your makeup stash that you can’t go out without?
Lip balmDo you give more importance to the writing or the visual?
I give importance to both.

How much do you spend monthly on makeup purchases?
It will be very less or some times there will not be makeup haul :)

If given a chance where would you like to splurge Makeup/Clothes/Accessories?(Choose only one :P )

When it comes to skincare, which one would you go for an expensive pack or a home remedy?
Home Remedy always.

Which one you prefer, Online shopping or Counter shopping?
Online shopping mostly.

Do you read reviews before making purchases or read them afterwards?
Ofcourse and definitely 

Which part do you like to click more – your eyes/lips/face/full?
Not sure really I like my all :p

Hope you all liked my answers
Thanks and stay pretty
with love Radha


  1. I like online shopping too more than counters as we can get most of the products at one place. :)

    1. you are so true Niesh I agree yeah and no SAs tortures :)

  2. Thats so sweet of u Radha.. thanks for posting this..
    Hats off to ur hard work dear.. Its so difficult to get all the things without maid.. :) Seriouly kudos to ur efforts. n yes its online shopping for me too .. :D
    Loved reading ur answerss.. :D :D

    1. Thank you so Poo :), yeah it will be frustrating sometime but the blog gives me some relief and happiness <3

  3. Nice knowing you more radha...and how do you manage to do everything yourself with a 4 year old kid? I just moved to US and missing my maid so much.....though I consider it as a good exercise doing it myself :D

    1. Thanks Lavs and yeah it is very hectic sometime I feel like yell at God, I don't want to be a housewife... :p
      Ya it is good exercise for us, I agree :) dear

  4. hey radha many things are matches with me ... great post:)

  5. Thats why you are so fit Radha... and yes, I also prefer online shopping, all shades, all products available easily :) Nice post and congrats dear :)

    1. Thank you so much Charu I am fit still I feel week&tired sometimes :(

    2. That happens with all of us dear. Looking after everyone, home, hubby, kiddos - saps all our energy na!! But,we love it :)

    3. Yeah I agree Charu they all our energy :)

  6. Love these posts! Glad to know about you.... you should post a picture of your babY! :)

    1. Thanks a lot diti I will do it for you one day dear :)

  7. I like online shopping too :) I thought I am the only one who has weird experience with SAs. But I should also point that I have come across some of the best SAs too. No, it is not MAC. It is EL & BB. They are very polite and very well trained :)

    1. That's great dear I have also seen some nice Sales Girls :), still compared to good experience there is lot of bad experience I had :(

  8. its nt easy being a housewife and managing ur blog too.. great answers.. and congrats for the award... :)

    1. Yeah sometimes it is so hectic but still want to blog anyways Thanks Nats :D


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