Saturday, August 3, 2013

Glam up your eyes for every occasion with FACES Cosmetics

Hello Beauties,
Eyes being one of the most important features of the face, it requires the same importance while doing your makeup. So let your eyes attract all the attention in the coming party season. Bring perfection to your makeup by beautifully done eyes with FACES cosmetics.
  • Start with applying a thin coat of Eye primer from your lids all the way up under your eyebrowit really helps give your eye shadow staying power.
  • With the lightest shade of eyeshadow, cover both eyelids.
  • Depending on your look choose from a medium to darker shade of eyeshadow and start working at the very top of your lid and sweep across. This is in the crease area of your eye, and should be barely visible above the crease. Blend with a finger or sponge.
  • Moving on to the lightest shade of eyeshadow, sweep from the crease all the way up under the eyebrow. As with the previous shade, blend with a finger or makeup sponge.
  • Add eyeliner on the top lids. If you use dark or liquid eyeliner, you can blend it into the bottom lid for a smoky look. If you have large eyes, line below the eyes as well.
  • Complete your eyes with nice volume mascara. You can add multiple coats for thick, dramatic lashes and then use FACES eyelash curler with soft cushion edges to lengthen lashes if desired.

Choose from the following to achieve the glamorous party ready perfect eye makeup.
Eye Primer

FACES Eye primer: Rs 699
Eye Shadows

FACES I Shine quartet: Rs 599

Glam on Eye shadow Mono: Rs 249

FACES Eye shadow Duo: Rs 399

FACES Vivid Hues of Sky makeup kit: Rs 499

Eye Liner
FACES Beyond Black Eyeliner: Rs 599

FACES Ultime Pro Shine on Eyeliner: Rs 699


FACES Ultime Pro Shocking volume Mascara: Rs 799

FACES Ultime Pro Gel waterproof mascara: Rs 799

Eye lash curler

FACES Eye lash curler: Rs 149

FACES Canada, GK 1, M Block Market, New Delhi
FACES Canada, Infinity 2 Mall, 230/ 2nd Floor, Linking Road, Malad (West) Mumbai -400

Happy Shopping with Faces Cosmetics 
By Radha


  1. Looks like some great makeup :)

  2. Very nice advice!
    I saw you in my dreams! It's weird, but many times I dream of blogging! I am addicted!

    1. Thanks Demi, Really I came on your dream??? :p me too saw some of my blogging friends often on my dream :)dear.

  3. Face also has a new outlet at Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi.


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