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Vaadi Herbals Moisturising Lotion With Pink Rose Extract Review

Review By Apoorva
Hey Girls,
I am back again with a product review this time it is a body lotion. I don’t know where this connection came out from, That is I never thought I would use any product which contains rose but here, I am going to review 
Let’s get into the review Vaadi Herbals Moisturising Lotion With Pink Rose Extract...
Affordable body lotions
Vaadi Herbals Moisturising Lotion With Pink Rose Extract Review
What the website says about the product:
An intensive all-purpose moisturizer, it is perfect for any skin-type. This great combination of natural emollients, Pink Rose & Goat Milk, helps the skin retain its moisture content and stay well-moisturized longer. Their rich multi-vitamin content penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to condition & soothe it; making it healthy and granting your skin a “velvety” feel and a “rosy” glow.

Price and quantity:
54INR for 110ml

The product comes in a sturdy white bottle with a pink flip open cap, so it is travel friendly.

Refer the picture below...

My Take on the product:
The product as expected has loads of rose extract which fills up my nostrils as soon as I took some lotion. I could notice that the lotion is very thick and takes a while in blending with the skin. The whole process gives me an illusion that it would keep me moisturized for hours (because of the thick consistency) but it proves to be wrong. 

It hardly keeps up for 2-3 hours and your palms are the least moisturized. You wash your hands with plain water very lightly and it is gone. The cream is in baby pink colour which is quite appealing to the eyes: D but not so great on skin. Well, I remember this dialogue,”itne paise mein itnaich milega” So, no hard feelings. You can simply skip this product. But if you are a lover of baby pink lotion and rose smell, you can always give it a try.

I have heard Goat milk is very good for making skin looking younger and radiant. Rose also a good ingredient in it to make skin smooth and soft. So, both main ingredients in this product sounds good.

My Likes with Vaadi Herbals Moisturizing Lotion With Pink Rose Extract:
  • It is very affordable
  • Large quantity provided for the price.
  • Sturdy and travel friendly package.
  • Herbal product and not tested on animals.
  • Goat milk as ingredient sounds interesting.
My Dislikes with Vaadi Herbals Moisturizing Lotion With Pink Rose Extract:
  • No SPF.
  • No moisturization for long hours.
  • Strong rose scent.
  • Available only online.
Final words:
Vaadi Herbals Moisturizing Lotion With Pink Rose Extract  is an affordable moisturizing lotion and If you like rose fragrance you can try it out.

Hope My Review is helpful for you...
With Love Apoorva...

Editor's Note:
Nicely reviewed Apoorva, I have also used this one and liked it a lot. I agree that it does takes time to absorb on the skin and gives normal moisturising effect on the skin. I think dry skin girls will not find this product helpful...


  1. Nice review Apoorva .. but lotion without SPF bothers me

  2. Liked this Review Apoo, very helpful for readers to choose the right product :)
    Thanks a lot for sharing this review here

  3. My mom used this and she liked it.

    Bong's Belleza

  4. Nice review. Last time I bought moisturizer with sunflower but that was so sticky... :(
    Good to know that it's worth try. :)

  5. Nice review apoorva... :)
    Keep in touch,

  6. Nice review Appu. Ill stay away from this due to strong scent!

  7. i love anything rose :P will give dis a try..nice review :)

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  8. Nice review :) I don't like strong scent.. i'l skip this one..

  9. nice review appu i think they sell good products

  10. Nice review, Radha :) Thanks .. will avoid this now :)

    I love rose smell. But I have a much better moisturizer in the Soulflower Rose milk which is really good, though it smells very strongly of rose :)

  11. I love reading your reviews, they are the very best, so helpful <3
    I like rose scent but not too strong!


  12. nice review :) the strong rose scent seems a tad bit disturing

  13. nice review. but i've never tried vaadi products :/

  14. Nice review dear. Itne paise mein itnaich milega haha :D

  15. Nice review appu! I have used their sunflower one and that is really good!.:)


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