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Inglot AMC lip pencil in shade 28 Review, Swatches & LOTD

Review By Samannita
Hi Dearies,
Today I am going to share my experience with my first ever buy from Inglot .It’s an AMC lip pencil in
shade 28. I brought this lip pencil on October 2012 and I simply forgot to review it. So today I am here
with my first ever. As I am a matte lover so every time I visit any cosmetic counter I search for something
in matte range among lipstick and in Inglot store I found this!
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Inglot AMC lip pencil in shade 28 Review, Swatches & LOTD

Price: - Rs.750/- for 4.5g
Available at Inglot stores

Here is the picture of the Ingredients present in the lip pencil

Now let’s see what the lip pencil claim to be:-
Medium hard, matte jumbo pencil. Great staying power makes it an alternative for lip liner used by professionals for colouring lips. Moisturising properties achieved by the complex of lanoline substitutes
and avocado butter. PARABEN FREE FORMULA NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS 4.5g/0.16 US OZ .

To See more visit at:

The INGLOT AMC LIP PENCIL in shade 28 is a bright fuchsia pink with purple undertone. The lip pencil
look like a lip liner, nothing special in packaging so you might think investing Rs.750/- on that lip pencil is little bit pricey but again I found it is paraben free and not tested on animals so that makes me a little guilt free and force me to buy this lip pencil .

Now my take:-
As I told you before that it is pricey but the matte factor along with the “paraben free “ and “not tested on animals” force me to buy it . And I can say that I am not regret at all. The lip pencil is pure matte. As it is matte one so you might find out that the lip pencil doesn't glides easily on dry lips. I used to moisten my lips first before applying this lip pencil as it totally dries out your lips showing fine lines on it which again doesn't bother me much as I love matte lipstick.
But others may found this lip pencil little over drying on lips so my suggestion is to go with lip balm underneath or apply lip gloss above it. The shade is deep fuchsia with purple undertone that may suit to fair to medium tone girls. And before applying this lip pencil proper exfoliation of lips is suggested otherwise it will make your lips more drying. It is nontransferable to cup and glasses. Staying power is near about 5+ without gloss or lip balm. The lip pencil can be used as lipstick or if the drying factor bothering you then club with other cream texture lipstick of same shade.

You can see my lip swatches with and without lip gloss
Lip liners from Inglot

Now the pros:-
• Matte one.
• Paraben free.
• Not tested on animals.
• The shade is deep fuchsia which is one of my favorite shades.
• Staying power is very good.
• Non-transferable to cups.
• Can be used as lipstick or lip liner.
• Gives nice coverage to pigmented lips.

Now the cons:-
• Pricey.
• Over- drying may be a factor that may keep you back step every time you tend to buy.
• Available only in INGLOT store or in

My recommendation?
Well, if you are a matte lover and the price won’t bother you much then you can try out this one. They come in 23 shades, so I guess you can find out you kind of shade from it otherwise I won’t recommended to others who are not so matte lover. So, does my review help you to decide?

Do let me know and how you like my review? Please leave your precious comments below
With Love


  1. Beautiful LOTD :D The shade looks great on you :)

  2. Such a vibrant color! Nice blog.
    I started a new beauty blog, can you please check it out and give your feedback?

  3. Wow shade is very pretty. Lovely lip swatches Sammanita!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous and bold! :) Non-tranferable and paraben free is awesome! I'm so glad I can finally comment on your post. In the past, every time I tried to click on your blog, it would load really slowly and then my browser would freeze, but I did not have this problem w/ other blogs. Anyways, thanks for all the sweet comments you left me! :)

    1. Awww really my blog got loading slowly??? Hope now you don't have that problem :( Meesha :)Thanks a lot dear

  5. the shade is super pigmented :) nice review :)

  6. So pretty shade and it suits you absolutely ! Nice review..

  7. Wow! Great review Radha.. Awesome shade :-)

  8. Beautiful shade and Lovely LOTD :)

  9. Beautiful Swatches Sam! And Great review... Loved it... :)

  10. It's a very pretty color and look good on you! It's great, in my opinion, both with and without lipgloss!

    Carolina + GIVEAWAY

  11. pretty shade and good coverage... what else i want :) I will try this out!!
    Nice review!!!

  12. stunning shade yar..loved the pout!!!

    1. hehehehe riiti thanks yaar :P me now blushing blushing :P

  13. Pretty hawt shade Samannita!! Looks so good on you!:)

  14. The shade is pretty indeed bt it may b a lil difficult to carry it off.. nice swatches and review Samannita :)

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