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Astaberry Fairness Crème Review

Review By Ranju
Hello Beauties, 
This is the first product that I used from this Brand. I used the Vivel fairness cream as well. Let’s see which one I will recommend to you guys? The one thing I must say is, it smells great.  It comes in a tube and texture is creamy compare to the Vivel fairness cream. Astaberry has good herbal face washes and facial kits. Let us see about this Astaberry Fairness Crème in detail...

Product Description:
\Astaberry fairness creme contains Burberry extract to improve skin complexion. The unique formula brightens the face and results is permanent improvement in skin tone and texture. This creme protects your skin from sun rays and prevent tanning.

My Experience with Astaberry Fairness Crème:
It gives a matte look with a sticky feeling to it. The main ingredients are Burberry Extract & Vitamin E. I was a little doubtful about this cream that is why did not use it for my facial skin instead used it on my hands and feet. But, the way Vivel worked on the tan it didn’t. I expect the quick result, sorry can’t help it!! :P 
However, I liked the main ingredients in it- Burberry extract and vitamin E. But, when you I checked the ingredient list, it was a turnoff for me. The product speaks about Ayurveda Skin Care and Ayurveda is all about natural stuff. 
Fairness creams in India
So, why the chemicals are added to it? Well, compare to Vivel fairness cream it didn’t do much to my skin. It takes time to settle down just like other fairness creams. It’s creamy and has a satiny white look. Vivel fairness cream was a bit thick compare to this cream. Maybe it would have worked if I would have stayed indoors but, that’s not possible for many people.

My Likes with Astaberry Fairness Crème:
1.    It did not irritate my skin, did not break me out
2.    It has Burberry extract and vitamin E
3.    It’s an Ayruveda Skin Care Product
4.    Claims of protection from sun rays and prevents tanning

My Dislikes with Astaberry Fairness Crème:
1.    Doesn't do much to the skin tone
2.    Gives a sticky feeling, not apt for summers
3.    You need to massage it properly else it will give you a ghostly look
4.    Claims as an Ayruveda Skin Care product can’t take it looking at the ingredients list- It has parabens in it
5.    Doesn't have SPF but, it says it provided the protection.. Don’t really know how?

My Rating:

My Final Verdict:
I don’t think I will recommend this to anyone, because things which I don’t like for myself I don’t really like to recommend it to others as it didn't much good to me. In case, I am looking for a change and bugged with my existing skin care stuff will come to it for it fragrance sake. As I already mentioned it smells great. I don’t’ really hate it for the same reason. I feel it is an another fair n lovely cream...

Hope you all will love my Review 
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By Ranju...


  1. Nicely Reviewed Ranju, by seeing this cream I am sure my skin will break out if I use I think :(

    1. Sorry Radha I am not keeping well that's why replying to comments today. Thank you for the compliment...and yes it doesn't look good for oily and combination skin beauties.

  2. Nice review Ranju .. But sadly product didn't seems to impress me :(

  3. I rememer to use Asta Berry Body lotion long way back, it was okk types.
    I stay away from anything sticky especially in summers.. Thanks fro the review will definitely stay away from it..

    1. Good that it was ok. But, stay away from this cream apart from it's fragrance didn't like anything about it.

  4. Mmmmhhh I don't think it's a great product, the Cons are very bad!
    Great review as always hun!



    1. Thank you Carolyne... yes it's not worth using.

  5. very nice review radha actually i heard this cream name first time

    1. Thank you Jannat, actually I reviewed it :D. The Brand is not that popular. :)

  6. i dislike sticky fairness creams soo much! but anyways, good review:)


    1. Yes, me too don't like it. Thank you Sanaya.

  7. Never heard of this brand, nice review though

    1. Yeah, actually it's not popular that's why. Thank you Sunshine Beauty. :)

  8. it looks like fair nd lovely na
    nice rvw

    1. Yes, dear. But, I guess in comparison Fair & Lovely is better than this.


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