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Mac Satin lipstick captive Shade Review, Swatches & LOTD

Review By Samannita Modak

Hello Friends,
Today I am here with my new love!  Yes Mac captive is my recent love. Mac captive is a satin Pinkish
plum shade. It is from Permanent range. I am going to share my experience with Mac Satin lipstick Rouge A Levres captive Shade.

About The Product:
MAC Captive lipstick
Mac Satin lipstick captive Shade Review, Swatches & LOTD
Price: - Rs.990/- for 3g.
Available at MAC stores

Product Description:
Color plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C
[Details Taken from their website here


My Experience with Mac Satin lipstick Rouge A Levres captive Shade:
The Mac Captive comes in a black bullet case with the famous vanilla smell. The shade is usually ideal for
medium to dusky skin tone. And it is ideal shade for winter. But I personally feel this shade will suit to
fair skin tone also if you are enough confident and love to carry a pinkish plum shade then this shade is
for you.
MAC lipsticks

Now my take:-
I was in search of plum shade as now a day I am in a phase of experimenting bright colors. I suddenly
fallen in love for some shades that I never used before, among them plum was in my list. It is a lovely
bright shade. For me wearable for night is best option along with neutrals mostly I guess.
Please don’t judge my opinion about makeup I may be wrong as I just experience the shade with neutrals so
suggesting you too. And in daytime it look much darker on my skin tone which although I love it. When
I first saw Mac captive in store I feel that this shade is very dark for my skin tone but when the SA girl
applied it on my lips I couldn't resist myself to brought it but unluckily it was out of stock on that day.
but recently I brought it in a blog sale and I am feeling myself very lucky to get it in almost new condition
in less price than usual. As the sturdy bullet of MAC always made a hole in your pocket when you buy it.
MAC Captive lip swatches
Mac Satin lipstick captive Shade Review, Swatches & LOTD
I think the medium to dusky skin tone girls can do the real justification of this shade but if you are fair
with warm tones then this might suit you well like it did upon me and add a unusual but lovely change in
my makeup J  The staying power is 4-5 hours, which I wish can be little more. The lipstick transfers a bit
to the cups and glass but leave a lovely pinkish tint on lips which I personally don’t like as I always try to
find out an excuse to reapply lipstick after meals.

My Likes with Mac Satin lipstick Rouge A Levres captive Shade: 
• Lovely and wearable shade.
• This shade will suit most of the skin tones.
• Satin finish so non-drying of lips.
• Keeps your lip moistens.
• Gives full coverage, so good for pigmented lips.
• Definitely the vanilla smell added +1 to this lipstick.

My Dislikes with Mac Satin lipstick Rouge A Levres captive Shade:
• Being pricey I expected the staying power should be little more.
• Transfers easily to cups and glass.

Final Verdict:
Mac captive is a nice creamy shade that I think will suit most of the skin tones girls ,and If you love to
wear plum shade then Mac captive is the ideal one to choose.

Please share your comments with Love Sam :)


  1. Its a great shade! Its pretty on you :)

  2. lovely shade...beautiful swatches :)

  3. lovely shade.. but probably wudn suit me :(

    1. Hmm try it before buying on mac store and see the swatches in natural light as mac lighting is not good :(

    2. Hi Swarnali I think this shade will suits you well do try at the store once as Sam said :)

  4. beautiful shade..luks very pretty on u :)

  5. Its the only one i have too...looks different on me as I have it in Matte. but a nice flattering daily wear shade....

    1. In Matte? is it available in matte? ohh ! i never knew about it then :( betwn yes it is a lovely shade :)

  6. Very pretty shade and your lip swatches Samannita.:)

  7. Beautiful and gorgeous shade Radha.. Looks great on you :-)

    1. Hi Nilu the Review by Samannita My friend dear :)

    2. Hehehehe ..its okk for the confusion :) i am happy to see so many lovely commments here Rads :)

  8. lovely shade sam:)super and so pretty on u:)

  9. Very pretty shade! It's more of a fall colour right? Or I guess a summer colour for night time. Great review!

    You can check out my blog if you like too:

  10. I was very busy whole day :( Just now got time to comment Sam... I loved your review very much and the lip swatches are very clear and beautiful <3

    1. Its okay Rads, i understand coz we are on same boat :) thank you that you liked it :)

    2. I went out in the morning and in the noon went for a film :) after that household works lineup :p How was your day Sam :)

    3. Mine was also busy :) lined up with loads of work for my kiddo :)

  11. Great Shade Sam! Loved the color....Its quite a popular shade of MAC & It looks great on you!

    1. Hi Richa, Thanks for liking my post ! yes it is a hot selling shade of MAC :)

    2. I don't much about MAC because it is high end brand :p But I loved this shade really very much Richa...You hae great collections of MAC goodies!!!

  12. Looking very pretty on your lips sam ..its a pretty shade bt really at tis price we expect to hv btr staying power

    1. Hi Punam where were you been these days? Hope you are doing good dear :)

    2. Yes poonam,we expect really a little more staying power :(

  13. Captive is a pretty shade.. Your lips swatches are beautiful samannita..:) will try this shade in future :D


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